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35 Cents an Hour: That's Why You Want To Make Money Online

Updated on September 25, 2010

After working for a year at very large company here in Texas I was up for my annual review yesterday - The department manager was very kind and went over my performance review showing where mostly I had exceeded expectations in every way of my job descriptions. A side note: out of over 327 locations my sales numbers were number one 98.5 percent of the time in the 12 months working at this company. A great triumph for the store and the department I work in right now.

After concluding that my performance was top notch - Drum roll please - My efforts had garnered an hourly raise of thirty-five cents per hour - Yes about $14.xx more per week for being number one. God, what did number two, three or tenth place get? Well out of every tragedy comes something good I always say. My worth is not as great to an employer as to myself and this is the proof in pudding.

This sub-mediocre milestone has done nothing more than push me to create more online income to break free from this non-profiting journey called a job. It was like getting a wake-up kick right in the gut and a back-hand to the face. It's just what was needed to get laser focused and back on track to earning a healthy passive income.

Take The Road Less Traveled To Make Money Online

Out of Tragedy will come your "Why" if you do not already have one.
Out of Tragedy will come your "Why" if you do not already have one.

Finding Your "Why" to Make Money Online

When it comes down to finding your reason for wanting to be self-employed and tasting the sweet nectar of having an income independent of an employer that only wants to reward you with pennies instead of dollars should be a huge one. But, the big bite of reality is that most co-workers yesterday were ecstatic about their ten, twenty, and thirty-cent per hour raises. Some acted like they had won a small lottery. Granted some of these people are from other countries that in their wildest dreams could not have earned $10.00 to $15.00 dollars per hour in a whole life time. So their perception is that they are "Living The Dream".

Personally I have spent more on lunch for two in the past that constitutes the weekly pay that I am currently receiving. So my perception is this is a huge waste of time but in the current personal financial condition it is done to make ends meet and nothing more. So I have my "Why" to make money online - sometimes it just get misplaced in the day to day rhetoric of making the ends meet and putting up with difficult people (another reason to work from home).

If you are making a living wage and have been hacking away at online marketing with little success it is because you have all that you want or need and your not going to push yourself to the point of success. The one thing that should be lurking and pushing you in the back of your mind is, "This may not last forever" and if the economy takes another nose dive you could be in yours truly position. So, this is your subtle "Why", but it is not going to push you unless you have some financial catastrophe like losing your job.

Taking Action and Not Looking Back to Meet Your Goals

Some people get instant goals and why's at a very young age - like they don't want to be poor like their (my) parents and never want their kids to have little or nothing. A person could be pushed to a goal by fear (one of the best built in "why's" out there. But creating a goal without a reason and passion is futile at best.

The only other way besides successfully falling into a pile of cash when you weren't suspecting it is to create a goal and create the discipline to reach said goal. It's not as fun when you don't have the driving force but you can still get there. It may take a little longer, but 30 days makes a habit.

Find a system for making money online and follow it - Will it work and make you a success? Maybe or Maybe not but you will you have more information than you have now and can build on it. Most of the big money makers have had to go through a few systems before they hit their stride or figured out the road less traveled in the MMO market and really make a ton of money.

Just keep moving forward and adjusting until it works for you... Everyone is not on the same schedule in life - and yours is no different.


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    • Rebecca E. profile image

      Rebecca E. 8 years ago from Canada

      another excellent hub with many good points on a side note, you need more than an extra 30 some cents an hour....