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Have a Successful Garage Sale

Updated on November 28, 2012
Have a Successful Garage Sale
Have a Successful Garage Sale | Source

Planning your successful garage sale

Having a successful garage sale can be a daunting task. It requires planning, time and some assistance from others. Here are some helpful tips to help your garage sale be a success.

Good weather is important for your sale to be a success. Check the weather forecast ahead of time to make sure there will be decent weather. If it’s raining, snowing, windy, or even too hot, people will be less likely to go to a garage sale.

Find out your local ordinances. Some cities may require permits, registration, or other requirements to have a sale, or even to sell water or food items at a sale. While checking into local policies pertaining to garage sales, also review polices on sign placement to ensure you won't get fined for illegally placing your signs. Even if your city has no such restrictions, your neighborhood might. So checking into such matters beforehand will help prevent possible hassles.

Knowing how many people or families will be involved is another thing to consider. Larger sales attract more attention. If you coordinate a sale with other friends, family members, or neighbors, you will not only draw a bigger crowd, but you’ll have more help with the sale as well.

Have lots of bags or clean boxes available for people to cart their stuff off in. You may even want to have a dolly nearby (but out of sight) to help people get heavier items to their vehicle. If possible, help them with the dolly so that they don’t accidentally take off with it.

Before you set your goods out, go through pockets, books, containers, etc. to make sure there is no cash or other valuables tucked away.

If you have cheap or hard-to-sell items, try grouping them together into a bag and attach a price for the whole bag.

Make sure your kids (and other family members) know what is being sold. You don’t want a kid crying or fighting to get their toy back from someone who has just purchased it.

Clean up your yard or sale area. Pick up any doggie dookies that may be lurking around. And please don’t have a sale at your house if your yard stinks or has bugs all over it.

Fix danger zones too. I once went to a yard sale where there were loose boards on the porch and a sign indicating so. However, a man didn’t see the sign and fell on the porch. You don’t want any injuries, so just fix potential hazards.

These are just a few of the basics to planning a garage sale. For information and tips on how to advertise for your garage sale, setting up and organizing your garage sale, pricing items, or what to do with your leftover garage sale items, be sure to check out my other articles.

If you have any tidbits of advice about having a successful garage sale, please share in the comments.

Wishing you much success with your garage sale!


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