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4 Beneficial Aspects of American Express Cards

Updated on November 10, 2011

American Express Cards

Founded in the year 1850, American Express is one of the most renowned credit card issuers in the world. The company offers a wide variety of cards that efficiently cater to customers of different class and strata. The most prominent feature of American Express cards is membership reward program, which is one of a kind program that confers upon the cardholders special privileges and benefits. Let’s explore some other beneficial aspects of American Express cards.

  1. Point-based rewards- Every time you spend a dollar from your AmEx card, you earn a membership point. Once ample number of points has been collected, you can redeem them to get rewards of your choice. To speed up the entire process of point collection, you can get supplementary American Express cards for your family members and link them up. Another reasonably effective way to garner more points is to purchase them. For as little as $9, you can get 1,000 points. From a minimum of 5,000 points, you’re allowed to purchase a maximum of 20,000 points. You can use these points to book flight tickets, make hotel reservations, and purchase gifts for your friends and relatives.
  2. Travel benefits- The greatest advantage of American Express cards is that they provide a vast variety of travel benefits. For instance, the International Airline Program helps you to get fully refundable first-class or business class tickets at a lower price. Likewise, Priority Pass Membership provides you access to 450 VIP airport lounges. American Express Hotel Program helps you to save more than 60 percent in 15,000 hotels in over 150 countries. Many more beneficial programs like these are available for the cardholders.
  3. Insurance support-AmEx Platinum card provides an assortment of travel insurance benefits. Apart from taking care of your medical expenses abroad, it also covers various kinds of travel inconveniences pertaining to delayed flights, missed connections, baggage delays, etc. All the damages that incur to you because of cancellation or postponement of the trip are also covered. If you cut short your trip due to any reason, you can claim back the non-refundable expenses. If your baggage is lost, stolen or damaged, you don’t have to worry because the AmEx platinum card will cover up all the expenses. With this credit card, you also get car rental and legal assistance insurance benefits.
  4. Other services- American Express is famous for providing top-class customer service. The assistance is available 24-hours a day, 365 days a year. In addition to this, the company also provides global assistance emergency helpline. If while travelling, your card to lost or stolen, you can avail the emergency card replacement services and get a new card within 2-business days in any part of the world and that too free of cost.

Owing to all these beneficial features, American Express cards account for more than 24 percent of the total credit card transactions in the U.S.


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