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4 Do's and Don'ts When Shopping at Target

Updated on March 17, 2012

Shopping At Target

Shopping at big-box retailers such as Target can be sneakier than their expensive competitors. Sometimes the latter would be the better choice to buy from in terms of quality and price. Take for example, Target and Ikea. The furniture selection offered at Target earns a big no-no by even the smartest consumer as these frugal spenders turn the other cheek and do their furniture shopping at Ikea instead. Most people think that Target would automatically be cheaper than Ikea for furnished goods, hands down, well maybe for some items, but you can be sure that Ikea's bookshelves, chairs, and kitchen tables offer better quality and value than Target's inventory. The next time you're at Target to buy a piece of furniture, you might want to call or compare prices online with Ikea first.

Movies and music are also more expensive at Target than other big competitors like Walmart and big e-tailer giant, Forrester Research analyzed the price of Katy Perry's Teenage Dream album at Target for $13.99 versus at $9.99, and $9.00 at Walmart. The blu-ray movie Date Night was overpriced at Target for $29.99 versus $24.96 at Walmart and a dollar less at

As seen on TV's exercise equipment is overly priced at Target and you can definitely find cheaper priced and better quality items at The Sports Authority.

Shower curtains, some toys, and other PVC products, are also outrageously priced at Target.

I recently did a big no-no at Target, I bought their smallest lamp and a shade for almost $30.00 when I could have bought a bigger and more stylish one at Ross for $19.99.

When it comes to shopping for everything and everyday items, you should reconsider shopping at Target because even though they might have the cheapest bag of Frito's for $2.00 when advertised, your local grocery store might have the same bag for a dollar less.


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