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4 EASY Money Building Ideas

Updated on May 3, 2008

Easy Money

When was the last time you heard someone turn down a great opportunity for easy money? With the advent of the internet, finding quick cash has become extremely easy. This article will only focus on four ideas among millions, so read on, after all, that’s what you’re here for in the first place, right?!

Plasma Donation

Have you ever given blood? It is a great way to donate and truly have an impact on the lives of others…but it is 100% donation. Nationwide there are agencies that will PAY YOU to donate blood plasma. You show up at the clinic, fill out some paperwork, have a small physical exam and start the donation. In less than two hours you are walking out the door with a paycheck that is the equivalent of $15 per hour or more. Since you can donate up to two times weekly, that translates to almost $300 a month or $3,600 EXTRA INCOME for the year!

Is that not enough? Ask your agency about referral programs. Many clinics will offer an incentive of almost $30 for every person you refer to donate plasma. One person each month would bring in an extra $360 for the year making a net $4,000 overall!

For a select few who become ill, there are agencies that pay up to $200 per donation! For one month I had mononucleosis. Thankfully it was asymptomatic and I was able to donate plasma for research purposes. My college tuition was paid in one month of donations alone as they paid $100 an hour. The best part is that it COSTS NOTHING but your time.

Start a Blog

You don’t have to be a journalist to make money these days. With the world wide web offering a corner of the net through blogs, everyone can contribute. The keys to a successful blog are the following:

1. Write about topics that are interesting to you

2. Centralize your blog around one theme

3. Regularly add new content

4. Make it fun

The payment part comes by adding advertising to your blog. Programs such as Google Adsense, will customize the ads to match your content, thus increasing your revenue. To see my blog, read how its content is centered on one theme, and has regular updates that interest my readers, click here. Do not expect to build thousands overnight. As you continue to develop your blog and as more people learn of it, you will see greater success.

Pocket Change

Although it is rather obvious, people don’t always save their pocket change. It either ends up in some little box at the end of the grocery counter or spent on the next day’s paper. A few cents can go a long way. Imagine what this pocket change, set aside every day, could add up to. For calculating purposes we will use $1.00 to average the built up coinage in your pocket. Some days you may have less, and others more. If you don’t have the change, PAY YOURSELF $1.00 every day. Take the change or self-payment and put it into a jar, box or other container that does nothing but sit there to collect your money. At the end of a year, you will have amassed $365. No biggie, right?

Imagine that you invest this money into an index fund such as the Vanguard Total Stock Market Index (VTSMX) which has averaged 10% returns annually. At the end of your first year, at this rate, you would have approximately $400. Continue to do this and by the end of your second year, your $400 with the new $365 would accumulate to $1,214. In ten years this would be almost $7,000! In the beginning it may not seem like much, but for only a few cents a day, properly invested, you could begin to see great returns.

Write for Triond

Triond is a relatively new program that offers monetary compensation for individuals who share their knowledge in text, photo, video or audio formats. What could be greater than getting a deserved two cents for your two cents? Simply join the triond community, develop your thoughts and share your message. Triond will take care of the rest by setting up your webpage and advertising.

Users who are interested in what you have to say can find your information through search engines and ultimately land on your page. Triond takes their cut for offering the service and you get your cut for sharing your knowledge. You talk about your interests all the time, why not write about them and make a little money too?!

The numberless ways to earn a few extra dollars would take a long time to write about and read. In an effort to provide you with some of the best that I have found, they are condensed to provide easier access so you can get your share too. Click here to visit The Thin Wallet Blog for other money saving tips and tricks.


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