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4 Easy Ways to Make Money Fast Legally

Updated on February 1, 2014

Did you know: Making money online is really simple and you can get paid as fast as within 24 hours?

THEAMERICANWRITER - Aug. 03, 2013 | 23:01 CST

AUSTIN, Texas - These are ways to make money fast legally online without spending any money. I'm going to list some ways that I have personally tried and have gotten paid a lot faster than most things on the Internet. None of these ways involve selling other people's products.

Honestly, in regards to that, if you're going to get online and make money, don't sell other people's products and/or services unless you are prepared to wait at least 45 days to get paid. And then on top of that, you run the risk of a company not paying you and attempting to stiff you out of your well earned commission. I can say this, because it's happened to me at least a couple of times. You live and learn. Not all companies will stiff you out of your money, but it will remain a risk for anyone who promotes other people's products online. If you want to sell products/services of others, then I highly recommend you do so by applying to be an employee of their company and work in the sales department. That way you don't risk not getting paid versus if you were just an affiliate. You don't want your efforts and time spent to be for nothing. You want to earn and see payment from your efforts. Again, not all companies will stiff their affiliate marketers, but some will. And the question you have to ask yourself is, "Is it worth the risk to find out?"

Here are ways to make money fast online that have worked out quite well for me to supplement my primary source of income. Keep in mind that these are not get rich quick schemes. Just a way to make some quick cash when you need it. I’m going to keep it simple for you by being brief and make this real simple.

4 Ways to Make Money Fast Legally

  1. Writing for Individuals - Find someone on a webmaster forum like or SitePoint and write articles for them. Since you will be dealing with with individuals more than larger corporations, you do get a whole lot faster and instantly through PayPal as soon as you finish the job. That means no waiting 30 days to 45 days out to get paid. There is nothing more wonderful in the world of making money, than getting paid fast. Keep in mind, build a business relationship with these people in case you need their money in the future (exchanging your writing for money).

  2. Short-Term Loans via Your Business Contacts - Do you ever find yourself in need of a short-term loan? Well, if you have established business relationships with people, then you can reach out to your business contacts online through Skype (or another messenger or email or phone number if you have it) and see if he or she will loan you the amount of cash that you need. The thing is you want to make it profitable for your contact. Make it worth their while, after all they will be out that amount of money until you pay it back. So for me, back when I'd request a loan from a few of my business contacts, I'd offer them 10% to 15% interest and paid back within 7 days. It was a lot easier getting a loan this way without dealing with banks and all the paperwork. They knew based on our solid business relationship that I was good for the money. So this is one way to have your own "personal loan officers". And quite naturally, whenever they needed money they could ask me and offer me a similar deal. When you establish trust and you maintain that trust, it surely goes a long way. But of all, do what you can to get in a position where you don't need to ever ask. I have, but it's nice to know that if I need their help that they are available to help me.

  3. Paid to Be a Referral - Use the steps detailed out in a book that will help you set up a cash on demand system. It is called Cash on Demand by Tracy. It's probably the most detailed book I've seen to date. And Tracy keeps it updated. So if anything changes you can always get a free updated copy of the book. You make money by simply being someone's referral. It's very easy stuff and I've been paid several times into my PayPal account in less than 3 days. So it's definitely something I recommend it.

  4. Fast Graphics/Designer Contest - Are you a graphic, logo or web designer? Well, if you'd like to make some really fast cash, you can participate in a graphic design contest. There are many sites online where you can participate in such things. Digital Point forums is one that I'm going to mention because it pays out faster than going to 99Designs or any other related site. If you haven't noticed I'm about getting paid fast. It makes me happy to get my money faster. Keep Please note that contest holders over at 99Designs tend to pay a whole lot more than contest holders at Digital Point forums. Here's the thing, though, payment from winning a contest at 99Designs is not nearly as fast, but it's still a heck of a lot faster than 30-45 days payout being an affiliate of a company. So it's still decent. I just prefer the one that's faster and that's DP forums. You don't have to be a certain age. You don't even really need to have skill. You'd be surprised that some of the designs that win are probably the most basic and ugly looking designs ever. So don't think a flashy design will win because you added some flash things to it. I have learned that the most simple it is the more likely you'll win. At very least be familiar with Photoshop or similar graphics software to create the design. Heck, I've won a good handful of contests using software made for photos. Yea, photos. I would get paid $40-50 bucks every time I entered a contest. I felt like I was just in sync with the contest holders each time I’d pop up on the scene because my first entry to their contest would be the only entry I’d submit and would win without making tweaks. I just had that streak of luck going on, because I sure wasn’t reading what they wanted. But they liked the one entry I’d send them. I’d only enter when I needed a quick $40-50. That was before I found the other ways mentioned above that are more effective, faster, and more likely to get me the PayPal cash when I need it. So I haven’t entered a logo contest in a rather long time. I’m probably real rusty around the edges, too. Doesn’t matter to me, I’ve got other things set up and some set on auto-pilot. So if I ever enter a contest again, it’ll be just to see if I still got it. ;)

Make Money Fast Online with Simplicity

Well, that’s all I can think of as of this moment of ways to make money fast and legally that have proven to me to work regardless the day or time. All of those ways I’ve mentioned above really do work for me when I need a quick $20-100 and it goes straight into my PayPal account in no time. You really can’t beat that for some quick cash especially on an as-needed basis.

With the ways I detailed here, there is no reason why you, too, cannot make some kind of money online. In some cases making money online can be like pennies here and there, but if you really apply yourself, then you can actually make a decent amount of money online. Some people even make enough money on the Internet that it helps them pay their rent and other bills as well having some money to spend on whatever their hearts desire. I make enough to pay my bills and have some play money left over to pamper myself. Try to see if these ways to make money fast legally will work for you, too. I do, in all honesty, wish you the absolute best!


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