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How To Fix Your Money Mindset

Updated on September 8, 2015

Money Money Money

Having money will not be a guarantee of happiness, we can all think about celebrities or others who were rich and talented but who were unhappy perhaps ‘suicidally’ so. However if we are honest with ourselves we probably all know and perhaps have experienced a little jealousy over the fact that there are folk who seem to have it all – well at least money (and all that it can buy) and happiness. The principle of the Law of attraction is that abundance is possible - that you can have good things and that furthermore that is your birth right. You having it doesn’t mean others won’t as the universe is abundant so if you are struggling with finances the likelihood is that you have some negative attitudes about money in your subconscious and these will cause you to sabotage any chances you might have of experiencing the type of wealth you want. The good news is that these can be changed to the positive mind sets that you need to have in order to experience wealth in the truest sense of the word.

YOU Deserve Money

This is one of the big ones. In my coaching business I work with a lot of people who have real trouble believing that they deserve money. Often they feel that there is always someone else who deserves the promotion more, or who works harder, is smarter, or has better ideas. If when you read that you find even a tiny part of you agreeing then the likelihood is that at least part of you believes it to be true. IT is not true. You deserve money just as much as anyone else. When I work with people to rid themselves of these ideas often they have been planted by others when they were growing up, or in a job – people say things like –‘you didn’t deserve to pass because you hadn’t studied enough’ or ‘he/she deserved the promotion more than you because they’ve worked such long hours'.

They probably didn’t mean to be unkind or cause problems for you but the fact is sometimes our brains latch on to things and we find ways to re-inforce what we think might be true and then it is, in our heads.If that is how it is then you can never actually believe that you deserve to have ‘money’. Until that belief changes your finances probably won't.

Money Is NOT Evil

Many people have heard the proverbs about it being easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than a rich man to enter heaven and that the love of money is the root of all evil but let’s stop and think for a moment. Is it the money that is the problem or is it the particular attitude of the people that causes the problem. History has certainly shown that some people with money can do evil things but then people without money can also do evil things. There are also lots of people with money who are incredibly altruistic, giving a lot to charities and good causes, funding research and health programmes in a way they couldn’t possibly if they didn’t have the money. But if you have the idea in your subconscious that money is evil then your subconscious will try to look after you by making sure that you never actually get that much because obviously that would be bad for you if in your subconscious you believe it is evil.

People Like You CAN Be Rich

When we are growing up our mind is a bit like a sponge and it kind of soaks up lots of ideas and while some may be tested and thrown out later in life others just sort of sit there sabotaging many of our ambitions and plans. Many people who grow up in families where there isn’t much money, often despite hard work, end up with a mind set that says that they just aren’t the type of people who get rich. Having money doesn’t happen to people like them. Well, guess what? That is another thing that just isn’t true. People like you can and do make money all the time, but only if they are able to allow themselves to and that will never happen when your subconscious is telling you constantly that it won’t be possible for you!

Money Doesn't HAVE To Change You

We may all have come across people as we go through life who have changed when they have got some money. Maybe they don’t keep the same friends, maybe they behave differently, maybe some do change for the worse but certainly not all and it certainly doesn’t mean that you have to. Life is all about change but it is also all about choice, if people change, unless there is some coercion, it’s because they want to for some reason, generally nobody makes then change. It is almost always easier to be critical of people and judge them than try and understand the reasons for their behaviour. But that aside you and you alone are responsible for YOUR behaviour and there is no reason whatsoever that you have to change because you have more money. But if you are harbouring the belief that your character will change if you have the money you want then your subconscious will make sure that any chance of having money is sabotaged – by you!

You Don't Have To Dwell In Debt

One of the nasty visuous cirlcles that happens around wealth is that if ou don’t have money you spend all your time thinking about NOT having money. Worrying about debt, thinking always in terms of LACK rather than abundance. Back to the law of attraction, if you fill all your thoughts with lack then you will attract more of the same, that’s how it works so a mind switch is needed. Start thinking instead in terms of abundance – after all there are hundreds of different ways you can get more money, you could earn it, win it, be gifted it and that’s just listing the first few. But chances are you won’t be able to think of any if you have a 'lack' mind set but you will be able to think of lots of things that could go wrong and cause you more financial problems!

Start Fixing

So as you've been reading all these false beliefs, if you find yourself thinking that maybe one or more was true for you then start correcting yourself. When you find one of those negative money mind sets telling you those familiar lies just get hold of that thought and stop it in its tracks. The more you do that the less power it will have.

There are other things you can do as well like tapping or EFT as it is also known - you can find out more about tapping by following the link below.

The important thing is to make sure you do something because if you keep doing what you've always done nothing much will change - but YOU have the power to turn things around.


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