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45 Free Marketing Tools

Updated on February 4, 2010

Save money and earn more by using free marketing tools to bring more traffic to your sites, get that sleek look you always wanted, and much more. These are just some of many of the factors that these free marketing tools cover. Enjoy!

The List

1.       (Twitter) This microblogging service makes keeping up with updated business information easy. It’s a great way to let your customers know what you have in store for your business, as far as product updates and new releases. Many people have found success using Twitter to “fill” their customers in on their future endeavors.

2.       (Google Analytics) A tool that allows you to collect information about your advertising campaign. It gathers data about your website and allows you to make improvements to improve your bottom line. It pin-points the source of all your website traffic, the value of content on each page of your website, which keywords work best for producing traffic, and how different marketing plans compare in terms of ROI.

3.       (Site-Perf) How do users experience your website? Are your loading times making you lose potential customers? Here is a helpful tool that will allow you to deal with a major problem that many websites have, and that’s the website’s loading time. No one wants to wait around for minutes just for one page to load. Address this problem quickly and everything should run smoothly. With Site-Perf, you can identify and correct problems such as design changes on loading speeds, and balance important factors of your website such as CSS, imagery, links, and other factors to produce a good experience for your website visitors.

4.       (ClickTale) This easy to understand tools helps you learn more about your visitors. It shows you how your visitors interact with your website quickly. This tool allows you to record your visitors browsing sessions (literally) and view heat maps that show detailed visitor scrolling behavior, and analyze how visitors interact with links and buttons. Use this tool to analyze user hesitations, clicks, forms, and page abandonments. This can help you improve your sites visibility to usersm as well as increasing bounce rates and establish which practices are best for your website.

5.       (Crazy Egg) It shows similarities to Click Tale. The difference is that this tool has fewer features. It also focuses on site usability. It doesn’t record actual movies like Click Tale though. Crazy egg makes it easy to analyze and optimize landing pages based on the gathered data that this tool grabs, which also works well as a colaboration with Google Analytics.

6.       (Snag It) This tool captures anything on your computer screen, allowing you to save the captured image as a gif or jpeg file. You may also save the images in different file types, but these are the primary file types used.

7.       (The Blackhole) This is not a theory. This is a fact. There is an internet “blackhole” that is actually stealing up to 50% of profits. This free pdf file will show you actual proof of this. Read this report. It may help you increase your online earnings and take back the customers that you are losing.

8.       (Bot surfer) Bot Surfer was created by Michael Nicholas. This neat software allows you to search through up to 15 forums at a time, letting you find topics you may be interested in automatically. It even does a deep search into the postings. It saves you a lot of time, especially if you are looking for forums to advertise your business in.

9.       (Anaconda Instant Directory) This directory is a database of approximately 2.3 million links. These links are completely categorized and cover over 345,000 of the best topics on the internet. You may also add this tool to your website for free in less than 3 minutes.

10.   (My Free Copyrights) This program allows you to copyright all of your digital media. This ranges from music, videos, blogs, websites, ebooks, etc. It then lets you print out proof that you have copyrighted your content, protecting it from thieves trying to steal your information and use it as their own. This will reduce stress when you are confronted with copyright infringement. Protect your content and take legal action for the copyrighted content that has been stolen.

11.    (Blog design tool) A free tool designed to make template designing a much easier process. This free tool allows you to create blog templates for Wordpress and MovableType blog sites. This let's you make your blog site worth viewing to the visitors, attracting long term customers to your product(s). You know what they say; first impressions are everything.

12.   (Vizu Polls) Looking to gather information on visitors of your website and blog? Look no further than Vizu Polls, the marketing tool that's a must have for anyone with an online business. This tool allows you to ask your customers questions and gather data based on a multiple choice survey or poll, letting you know what changes would be best for your business. You may also use pre-created polls and earn money online. You can only earn money from the pre-created polls, not those created by you.

13.   (Web Wait) This free tool let's you load your website 4 times automatically, letting you know how good your website loading time is. This allows you to make the necessary changes to your website to keep visitors coming. No one wants to wait a while for a website to load.

14.   (Virtual Keyboard) Keep in mind that everyone isn't capable of using a physical keyboard. Some people have disabilities, preventing them from doing certain things online. A virtual keyboard allows you to appeal to their needs, raising your site's visitors and giving yourself a good, caring name in the process.

15.   (Izzy Menu) this free tool integrates website menus. If your site doesn't have a menu list, don't sweat it. This free tool allows you to use CSS to create menus for your website, or you may use pre-created menus and customize them in a way that suits your website.

16.   (Drawter) In my opinion, this is the easiest way to create a website. This tool allows you to draw your website and print out the HTML and CSS coding. Then once you are done, simply paste the code to your website and enjoy your web presence.

17.   (Whos.Amung.Us) This tool let's you see how many people are online on your website, as well as display it to the world. All you have to do is paste the code to your website and there you go. Keep up with visitors and online activity, as well as knowing what to change to make your traffic to your website better.

18.   (Feng-GUI) One of the most useful tools for someone who is looking to make money online with their website. This program allows you to analyze your website, getting information on which areas of the site catch the visitor's attention more. With this information at your grasp, you can figure out ad placements and customize your website template to convert more clicks and sales.

19.   (Feed Analysis) If you happen to have a Feed Burner account, this tool can grab information for you. What information will this obtain for you? Well it tells you how many ads are served through your feeds on a monthly basis, the days of the week that people subscribe to your feeds the most, and much more.

20.   (Clusty Cloud Generator) This tag cloud generator allows you to generate a cloud of terms that are related to the one term that you entered into the generator. This is a great Search engine optimization tool. This tool may also be entered into your website, allowing others to have usage of it, letting you generate repeated traffic to your website. Each term is a link to a term in the Clusty search engine.

21.   (Website Grader) As the tool may suggest, it grades your website based on the most important factors, such as SEO. This tool prints out a complete report of your website.

22.   (Google Trends) Google Trends gives you access to information based on the most search terms on the search engine. This will allow you to give your website a keyword makeover, using nothing but the most popular keywords on the most visited search engine worldwide.

23.   (Keyword Density) Sometimes when creating a website based on search engine optimization, people tend to choose the wrong keywords. Keyword Density allows you to analyze your website, getting a list of all the most used words within your content body. This then let's you make corrections to your keywords of choice.

24.   (Tiny URL) This tool basically takes a long URL and makes a shorter version of it. This can be very useful to internet marketers who want something short and sweet for their customers to easily access. It’s a proven way to increase website visitors. No one wants to type in a very long URL just to get access to a website. Its main usage is to be placed in comments, messages, etc.

25.   (Zoho) Your tool for complete access to all of your office needs. It’s an online office application that allows you to write documents, organize your time, and many more features.

26.   (Fax Zero) Cut fax costs with this free tool. It allows you to fax information anywhere within the countries of U.S and Canada.

27.   (Preezo) This online application has many similarities to Powerpoint. This tool allows you to create presentations and store them online, saving you memory on your computer. You may also collaborate with others and save a lot of time in the process.

28.   (Splash Up) An online application that let's you make flash graphics. It’s similar to Photoshop. You may load an image, edit it, or just create an image from the beginning. After creating or editing the image, you may upload it to Picasa, Flickr, and others as well.

29.   ( Ever notice the small icons beside some website URL’s when you visit the site? Those are called favicons. This free online tool allows you to create your very own favicon online. You can draw, choose the colors and more. It’s a very detailed tool that gets to the deep things on creating favicons such as the pixel by pixel design. You can download it to your computer once you are done.

30.   (Mashon) Have an interest in comics or cartoons? This application allows you to create comics online. This application comes complete with tools specialized for cartoon and comic book designing. It’s free, but you must pay a small fee to get a printed copy of your work.

31.   (3d-pack)It’s one of the most important free tools for those who are into creating information products. At this site, you get to create your very own customized eBook covers. First impressions are everything and that is especially true for those who are trying to sell their information products at high rates. Take advantage of this tool.

32.   (Gimp) Looking to create a professional eBook cover? Most people like to use Photoshop. Photoshop can run anywhere from $200 to $600. There is a free alternative to this expensive software called Gimp. It’s an excellent tool that is almost as good as Photoshop, except it’s free.

33.   (JV-Marketers) This is a free alternative to websites such as Aweber. Build your mailing list and keep in contact with your loyal customers. You are limited to 7 emails in their series. The good thing about this is that you can also send broadcast emails, which can be manipulated into working as your campaign. Broadcast emails go out to your entire list, no matter the position in the scheduled series. You remain a free user and can still update your list just like using another paid mailing list client.

34.   (Web Starts) Webstarts is a web hosting company that offers free service, as well as paid service. Their paid services works wonders and are cheap enough for anyone to afford (starting at $3.94 per month). For those who prefer to stay free, they have a free website service that is better than any other free website builder. It has premium features and updating your account is simple.

35.   (List Tool) This free tool allows you to simplify subscribing and unsubscribing. You also get to send automatic commands to up to 827 mailing and discussion lists, which are also categorized.

36.   (World Submitter) Submissions haven’t been this easy before. At least they haven’t been this easy for a free service. World Submitter is an application online that allows you to submit your links to search engines, classified sites, and more. It works very quickly and helps you build traffic at an unbeatable price, in which there is no price, it’s free.

37.   (Free Tune-Up) There is nothing more embarrasing than having one of your website visitors telling you that something is wrong with your website. Beat your visitors to the punch by using this free service to find any flaws with your website, such as HTML, links, common spelling errors, and much more.

38.   (Eudora Pro) While it is not an online application, I decided to list it because it is a very useful piece of software. Download this free email software with full functionalities. This is considered to be the world’s best email client amongst free and paid software, and you get to download it for free.

39.   (Webmaster Multi-Tool) This complete service allows you to analyze, submit, track, and organize websites easily. It saves a lot of time for those who don’t have much time to spare. It’s one of the best free tools to use for website promotion.

40.   (Instant Sales Letters) Free tools cover all bases. This is one of those programs that will take care of one of the most difficult marketing techniques that many people suffer from. Just by filling in a couple of blank spaces, you can generate instant sales letters and enjoy making money online without giving yourself a headache.

41.   (E-Board) For those who have information that they want to share to the world but don’t want to create a website, they can get their own virtual clipboard to post their information to the internet. This virtual board lets you post information, photos, videos, etc. You can allow a third party to post their belongings too. This is a trial version.

42.   (Onlywire Bookmarklet) This powerful social bookmarking tool online allows you to submit your links to 30+ of the most popular social bookmarking websites at a time, absolutely free. This service helps you build your one-way backlinks and generate massive, targeted traffic from powerful social bookmarking websites. Social bookmarking websites have been known to generate so much traffic they crash servers.

43.   (Article Submission Helper) Probably the only true automatic article submission software on the internet for free, Article Submission Helper allows you to submit your articles to an unlimited amount of article directories. When submitting your articles, you get to place links within your signature so that you may build your backlinks and generate a large amount of traffic. This software comes with websites already loaded into the software, but it also allows you to add your own directories for maximum performance. Article Submission Helper also reduces the amount of time it takes to sign up for these article directories because one of its features allows it to automatically register for every article directory included within the software. All you have to do is fill out the information needed and let the software do the rest. It also has rewrite features, allowing you to make unique copies of every article you submit.

44.   (HTML Scrambler) They are out there. People who want to steal your HTML coding are on the lookout for codes to steal. You may wonder, “What use would one have with my HTML coding”? Well there can be to build duplicate websites, allowing them to phish people who believe that duplicate site is yours. This will then build a bad reputation for your website and you will lose lots of customers. HTML Scrambler can prevent that from happening. It protects your webpages from HTML code thieves.

45.   (Pop-Up and Window Maker) Pop-ups are very annoying. Make sure you use this with caution because you may find yourself losing visitors rather than building customers. If you do happen to use this tool, make sure that you use it properly so that you don’t use the customers you worked so hard to obtain.


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    • FGual profile image


      8 years ago from USA

      I am amazed by all this info. Thank you for compiling this list.

    • febriedethan profile image


      8 years ago from Indonesia

      I have already bookmarked it thank you for sharing!

    • Trusted Marketing profile image

      Trusted Marketing 

      8 years ago from Charlotte, North Carolina

      Thanks for this list. Should keep me busy for a while.


    • GreenGardenGuy profile image


      8 years ago from Fort Myers, FL

      Very interesting, I think I'll be making use of some of these. Thanks Mr Williams.


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