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4 hour work week review

Updated on March 16, 2011

I might be a bit late to this, only reading the 4 hour work week after it has been expanded and updated, but this is sort of a review of the best selling book that Amazon sells the latest edition for just under a dozen bucks.

It is a book that in its essence describes how the author, Tim Ferriss (Timothy Ferriss) went about a life that ended in a 4 hour work week. If I am not mistaken he also has a blog. After the reading the book though, it is clear that what has worked for him would not work well for many people. You may escape 9 to 5 work days, you may live anywhere, and you may become rich, but it will not be by doing everything he says. Chances are, the takeaway you will get from reading this book is to be inspired, and be encouraged to think laterally or outside the box!

His personal journey is not something to be replicated as everyone would have their different sets of strengths and weakness to work on or improve. That said some salient points are made for those of you who intend to bid the rat race a fond farewell. Some of it includes a reiteration of the pareto 80-20 rule which really hones the point in that you should focus on the things that work and cut away the stuff that doesn't work. Stuff that doesn't work can include troublesome clients who aren't really worth the trouble for the pittance in revenue they bring in. Even if you are an employee (and intend to remain as one), if you work in a sales position or commission based remuneration this might be worth consideration for you.


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