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5 Countries Offering The Best Retirement Living In 2014

Updated on April 14, 2014

After working 30 or 40 years to build a nest egg, excited retirees often look outside of the country to find the perfect spot to live out their life. According to the featured article, “IL’s Annual Global Retirement Index 2014: The Categories and Scores” published on the International Living website (view here), the top five places to retire are Panama, Ecuador, Malaysia, Costa Rica and Spain. These rankings were based on scoring several criteria to arrive at winners. Real estate, special benefits, cost of living, ease of integration, environment, amenities, health care, retirement infrastructure and climate were all categories scored to calculate final rankings. Here we look in more detail at why these 5 locations are considered the best places to retire to in 2014.


Spain remains a favourite tourist destination and a top choice for retirement. Quaint beach towns, sleepy with charm and excellent sunny weather beckon to visitors and residents alike looking for a relaxing lifestyle filled with incomparable natural beauty. Property in Moraira and Javea, two coastal towns in Costa Blanca are areas very much sought after with affluent Brits. A visit to the city to wander through a museum or catch a play is also available when cultural entertainment is on the menu.

Benidorm, Spain
Benidorm, Spain | Source

Costa Rica

This small country of about 4 million is hard to beat for any retiree that values breathtaking scenery and fabulous weather. Inexpensive housing and a peace-loving philosophy held by this picturesque country are the stuff dreams are made of for many people seeking a laid back lifestyle free from the troubles of the rest of the world. With miles of beachfront on both the Caribbean and Pacific, jungles and volcanoes, it is doubtful that boredom will ever plaque anyone who settles down in Costa Rica.


Known as a friendly melting pot where everyone feels welcome, Malaysia is a popular choice for retirees. Offering up a variety of cultural influences and cuisines to keep life interesting, Malaysia combines the excitement of many different heritages. Lush rainforests, spectacular mountain ranges and sandy beaches satisfy any resident’s thirst for change when it is time to explore the countryside or go on a short trip to embrace all that is Malaysia. With English spoken by so many in this country, retirees feel right at home in no time.


Ranked as the second best retirement spot, there are no shortage of beaches. Whether retirees long for the adrenaline of a busy city life or the adventures found in exploring the rainforest, they are sure to find what they want in Ecuador. With perfect weather and an affordable lifestyle, this country appeals to visitors and retirees that value a safe and slower pace of life. Factoring in practical matters like the excellent health care available also serves to spotlight Ecuador as a first-rate retirement option.


Ranking high on all categories with a moderate climate and affordable living, it is no surprise for anyone that this paradise is considered the very best place to retire. Many new residents find comfort in the fact that they can hop on a plane and land in Miami in just over two hours. Thankfully for residents, there is really no reason to leave. Excellent restaurants, first-class entertainment options, pristine beaches and rolling mountains go a long way towards impressing and capturing retirees looking for a dream destination to enjoy their golden years.

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