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5 Rules to Achieve Financial Freedom

Updated on September 9, 2019

If we ask any person in this world, "you want to financial freedom in your life." I am sure most people will answer, yes, and why not, their next word will be "How can I achieve financial freedom." Well, my friends, If you also want to achieve financial freedom, this is the right place for you. In this article, I will be telling you what the five essential rules for becoming financial freedom are. If you follow these rules, I am sure you will achieve financial independence as soon as possible.

Let's begin

Here I will introduce you all five golden rule

1. The Rich Don't Work For Money

2. <a href="">Mind your Own Business </a>

3. The Rich Invent Money

4. Work To Learn – Don't Work For Money

5. You Have To Be Financially Literate

The Rich Don't Work For Money.

We all grown up to hearing rich people are very hard working for money, they work more than an average person in a day, so they earn more these all are myths, but the fact is

"Rich Don't Work For Money They Have Money Work For Them."

And each rich person never works for money, even if you ask them, if they want to work with you without any profit gain they will ready for it. I know you think why they are ready for this,

So, my friends remember the rule number one rich don't work for money. I explain to you why they prepared for it. They are prepared to work with you, only one condition. If they feel they will learn something to work with you, they work with you because they don't work for the money they work to learn. I will explain to you this in rule number four work to learn – don't work for money. If you genuinely think about the second part of the above statement “they have money work for them’’, you will get the meaning of the rule number one.

If you think what am, I think it means you get the meaning rich to have money work for them.

Why? I will explain to you to telling me about the benefits for money have to work for them.

  • Money works 24 hours in a day
  • Ø It never wants a break
  • It never tired from their working
  • It is a good servant, If you know how to control it

As you can see above, the money will works 24hours in a day nobody in this world can work for 24 hours in every day, but money will do. Who knows how to control it,

So this is why? Rich use their money to work for them.

Mind Your Own Business

"The rich focus on their assets column while everyone else focuses on their Income statement."

Before, explain this rule, I will tell you a story which helps you to get the meaning of this rule. The story which will I saying you are based upon the Co-founder of world-famous Macdonald's.

In 1974, Ray Kroc, the founder of Macdonald's, was asked to speak the MBA class at the University of Texas at Austin. After a powerful and inspiring talk, the class adjourned, and the students asked Ray if he would join them at their favourite hangout to have a few beers, Ray graciously accepted.

"What business am I in?" Ray asked once the group had all their beers in hand. "Everyone laughed," most of the MBA students thought Ray was fooling around no one answered, So Ray asked again what business do you think I'm in?

The students laughed again, and finally, one brave soul yelled out, "Ray, who in the world doesn't know that you're in the hamburger business?" Ray chuckled "That's what I thought you would say," he paused and then quickly added, "Ladies and gentleman, I'm not in the hamburger business. My business is real estate."

After telling, Ray spent a reasonable amount of time explaining his viewpoint. In this business plan, Ray knew that the primary business focus was to sell hamburger franchises. But what he never lost sight of was the location of each franchise. He knew that the land its place were the most significant factors in the success of each franchise. The person who bought the franchise also acquired the real estate under the franchise for Ray Kroc" s organization.

Today's Macdonald's is the largest single owner of real estate in the world, owing even more than the catholic church, Macdonald's own some of the most valuable intersection and street corner in America and around the globe.

I think after reading this great story you get some idea what I mean and I explain to you why people didn't know this one of the primary reason for this is our education system.

A problem with school is that you often become what you study, so if you study cooking, you become a chef. If you consider law you will be an attorney. This mistake is becoming what you study is that too many people forget their own business. They spend their lives minding someone else's business and making that person productive. To become financially secure a person needs to mind their own business.

The Rich Invent Money

Yes, you read very well it's not "earn money" it's "Invent money" you think how somebody can Invent money instead he/she is not working in government money printing department, but here inventing money means to increase your assets.

“ Remember, in this real world, it’s not the smart who get ahead, but the bold.’’

In the race of becoming rich, most of the people think investing money is a risky game, but I say ‘‘why take risk?.” If we increase our financial IQ, then we will reduce risks because if “you are more knowledgeable, then fewer numbers of mistake done by you.’’

If you want to invest money, you have to be a higher financial IQ, inventing money is not a big deal. Once you start increasing your financial IQ, it will be easier for you day by day.

We can invent money by increases our assets for increasing our assets we must require a high financial IQ, AND I will tell what financial IQ is? and How can we improve our financial IQ?

Financial IQ means,

Financial intelligence questioning or financial intelligence let me explain in more detail.

Financial intelligence simply has more options. If the opportunities aren’t coming your way, what else can you do to improve financial position? If opportunity lands in your lap and you have no money and the bank won’t talk to you, what else can you do get the opportunities to work in your frame?. If your hunches wrong, and what you’ve been turning a lemon into millions? That is financial intelligence. It is not so much what happens, but how many different business solutions you can think to turn a lemon into millions.

It is how you create are to solving financial problems, and if you want to increases your financial IQ you have to start solving financial issues, not yourself but also others problem because everyone has a different financial problem the more numbers of problem you solve, you get your financial IQ higher and more your financial IQ have, less will be your.

Here is the secret I’m telling you to become rich, work for learning, don’t – work for money because

“The more you learn then more you earn.’’

Don’t Work For Money – Work For Learn.

The heading of this paragraph tells the meaning of the rule, especially the last part of the sentence. “Work for learning’’.

In today’s world, every middle-class person has a plane for their life-like take a job for 40 years with collecting money for their retirement and finish that’s all it means they work for money their whole life. You can work 40 years for other person making rich or learn how to control money or invent money in your starting and try to make your self rich, not others.

Most of the people choose the first one because they have a fear of failure they never try to look at the other side of the coin of their life as we all know a coin has two faces similarly everything in this world has two sides of vision but the fact mostly only sees the one side of the coin because they won't only see that face because they have a fear of losing money, that is why they spend their whole life in doing a job they play on save side because they want to be and the only reason is fear.

To Become Financially Literate

Last but not least, this is the final rule to achieve financial freedom, but if you do not follow this rule, then the other four will be worthless. If you want to be financially secure, you have to be financially literate.

“It’s not how much you earn. It’s how much you keep.’’

Most people fail to realize that in life, it’s not how much money you make; it’s how much money you keep. We’re all heard stories of lottery winners who are sick, then suddenly rich, and they poor again. They win millions, yet are soon back where they started or stories of professional athletes, who at the age of 24 are earning millions, but are sleeping under a bridge ten years later.

If you are going to build the empire state building, the first thing you need to do is dig a deep hole and pour a strong foundation. If you are going to make a home in the suburbs, all you need to do is pour a six-inch slab of concrete. Most people, in their drive to get rich, are trying to build an empire state building on a six-inch slab.

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.

© 2019 katty tripathi


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