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3 Reasons Why Passive Income Blogs Suck

Updated on January 3, 2016

What is a 'Passive Income Blog'?

Like pretty much every other human being on the planet, I've had dreams of earning money in my sleep. I've taken this to the next level and bought and read books on creating passive income, I've researched on the internet and I've come across dozens of blogs and websites promising to teach me the secrets to earning a passive income from home.

Now, of course the optimist in me believes anyone that says they can teach me how to earn money in my sleep, but the realist in me opposes this. This article will explain why I've become somewhat drowned in cynicism with passive income blogs. It's here that I should point out that I'm not trying to dissuade anyone from pursuing their dreams. All I'm saying is that we should err on the side of caution whenever we come across blogs and websites explaining how to make passive income online, and I'm also going to explain why.

Next joke...
Next joke...

Reason 3: 'Fake It Till You Make It'

One key thing I would love to see from a self-proclaimed 'passive income' expert, is cold, hard evidence of their achievements. Of course, it's only human for you to get overly excited when you come across phrases such as 'earn money in your sleep', 'truly passive income' and 'retire by 40!', in fact I've come to the conclusion that most people will read statements like these and completely forget to look for evidence that the method works, simply because the feelings these statements evoke completely overwhelm any sense of realism and questioning of the legitimacy of the claim. In other words, absolutely anyone could whip up a website, do some SEO work, and proclaim themselves able to teach you how to make a passive income online. If the site looks professional enough, if the brand is on point, and if you buy in to the idea of making money in your sleep, then it's likely you'll forget to search for evidence that the webmaster/author has actually gone out there and made a passive income online themselves.

The image above is an example of one such cliche found on passive income blogs and websites. Not true!

I doubt it.
I doubt it.

Reason 2: Self Promotion

If you've spent a few hours surfing the web and reading blogs and sites about passive income, you may have realised that a lot of these websites are in fact cleverly disguised, sneaky sales platforms for the author/webmaster to sell their own products. You can often find a 'My Passive Income Journey' blog with a link to an ebook, online course, or even a DVD, on online money-making methods. Most of the time the products these sites promote are in fact created and owned by the blogger themselves. These products play a key part in making the blogger a passive income online.

Additionally, while you so frequently find passive income blogs selling courses and ebooks on the subject, you will almost never find these blogs and sites explaining how exactly the webmaster has made/makes money online. I would love to see a full breakdown of how exactly each of these so-called 'passive income' experts has earned their money online. This relates back to point 3, in that I would never buy a course on making online passive income, from someone who fails to provide evidence of how/where they have done this themselves. And this leads us to point number 1, the reason why I think passive income blogs truly do suck.

Reason 1: Passive Income is an Industry in Itself

I have to to believe that the huge number of blogs and websites on passive income are actually founded on nonsense. Sure, there will indeed be a handful of people who have legitimately made a lot of money online, and continue to do so even in their sleep, but the vast majority of sites are run by people still on their path to hitting their passive income goals.

The main reason why i have to come hold this view is that there are so many people who desire a truly passive income, that it has created an industry in itself. So many people want, so much, to create a passive income online, that they're led to believe anything they read. They will neglect to search for real evidence that a self-proclaimed passive income expert has in fact made any sort of passive income themselves. Blogs and websites are filled with images such as those shown on this Hub, and the feeling evoked totally overwhelm our common sense. We are longing for a passive income, an easy passive income, that we will throw all negative (though very grounded) thoughts out the window. We will hold on to the idea that a passive income is possible and easy, and will convince ourselves that these bloggers and webmasters are rich beyond our wildest dreams. The reality, I believe, is far from utopia.

It says something when nearly all websites teaching you how to make money online, are websites selling ebooks, courses and other educational goods on the subject of teaching us how to make a passive income. A blog can't simply explain how to do it. It has to have affiliate links, it has to sell products (often owned by the blogger themselves), it has to generate income.

And here is my point. You want to generate a passive income? Well here's how, you have to fake it till you make it, you have to self promote, and you have to monetize a blog or website about creating passive income, by selling yet more products about creating the passive income.

This is why I've grown tired of these pages about making money in your sleep. I don't believe it's possible. I think the people earning money in their sleep, are the people pretending they know the steps to doing so. They don't. They're selling you a dream, an idea, one that they are still pursuing themselves. They are playing to your emotions, showing you signs of 'financial freedom' and telling you 'this is how I do it', while linking you to their latest ebook.

Yes, this is how they do it, by pretending. And that's why passive income blogs suck.

What Do You Think?

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    • suraj punjabi profile image

      suraj punjabi 21 months ago from jakarta

      I know passive income is a very cynical idea and frankly it is quite the clickbait. But like everything else there is an exception. Check out The Millionaire Fastlane By MJ DeMarco. I know the title is seriously cheap-ish. but try and read his book or listen to his youtube video. I promise you he is an exception and he is proof that you can earn passive income. He is the guy who founded It is great to be cynical especially when it comes to getting rich quick. I am just as cynical as you are, until I read his book.