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5 Simple Blogs About Simple Living

Updated on February 2, 2011

Simple living is a great concept. It’s all about stripping down life to the bare bones. No, I don’t mean that you go without things that you need or even things that you want. True simple living is about identifying exactly what your core values are so that you can determine what you actually really do want – then finding a way to make your life line up with those great core values. It’s not easy to do but it seems like a great mission that a lot of people are adopting these days.

I’ve come across a lot of blogs about simple living in my research about the topic. However, it wouldn’t make sense for someone interested in simple living to load up their blog reader with feeds from dozens of different simplicity blogs. It makes more sense to find just those few blogs that really speak to you and your heart when it comes to simple living. This allows the blogs to be inspiring – rather than overwhelming to try to keep up with!

I’d encourage anyone interested in simple living to explore the variety of blogs out there on the topic and to select to follow only those that are right for them. That said, I’ve found five simple living blogs that I think provide great information, advice, inspiration, guidance and suggestions for simple living. If this is a topic that interests you then these blogs might be worth checking out.

My five favorite simple living blogs are:

1.     Be More With Less. This blog by forty-something aspiring minimalist Courtney Carver is a great example of what I think a simple living blog should look like and be about. The blog is about how to simplify your life so that you can “really live”. It is about getting rid of debt and increasing savings so that money doesn’t stress out your life. It’s about creating more time to do the things that you love. It’s about getting rid of the stuff that you don’t need. And it’s about investing your energy in a life that is about joyful things rather than things you feel obligated to do. Courtney has a great voice with terrific suggestions about all of these things. And I think her blog design really speaks to this. So many simple living blogs out there have cluttered designs, something that seems contradictory to what simplicity is all about. This blog has a simple design with just a few key categories and a few important pages (like things that Courtney loves and suggestions for “mini-missions” to improve something in your life.) Also, the blog only shows the most recent post in full on the front page, then it shows summaries of the three most recent posts following that and you can follow a link to “all posts”. This design format makes it easy to stay focused on just the reading at hand and not get lost in the blog for hours, another great thing that increases simplicity in your own life.

2.     ZenHabits. This is probably the most well-known simplicity blog out there and there’s a good reason for that. It has been around for a long time. The author, Leo Babauta, has invested a lot of energy in creating a high-quality, comprehensive blog about simple living. What has interested me is how this blog has changed over the years. Ads are gone, images are gone; the blog continues to get simpler and simpler with time. It’s a great example of simple living in action. As an added bonus, there are lots of great guest posts here that will allow you to get insight into simple living from multiple viewpoints without leaving the blog.

3.     Mnmlist. This is the other blog that Leo Babauta does. It is newer than Zen Habits (although both are updated regularly). Instead of focusing on the whole broad topic of simple living, this blog focuses specifically on the topic of minimalism. This is a key niche topic in simple living and a great one to explore if simple living interests you. This particular blog is extremely stripped down in design (which makes a lot of sense for a blog about minimalism!) It takes a little bit of getting used to because it just doesn’t look like other blogs – not only are there no images or ads but there are also no links, no sidebars, no comments and no colors. For this reason, it may not appeal to everyone but I think it provides a great example of an important part of simple living and is at least worth checking out.

4.     My Simpler Life. Beth Dargis is on a mission to “help the overwhelmed create saver, simpler lives”. She does this through coaching and writing and sharing advice and information on her blog. My favorite part of the blog is the “weekly simplicity tips”. Beth posts several really simple tips that you can implement throughout the week to add simplicity to your life. For example, she might suggest that you stop and breathe or that you take fifteen minutes out of the day to plan the rest of the week. You obviously don’t have to use all of the tips; they just provide great direction for how to keep incorporating simplicity into your life in different, easy ways.

5.     Neat & Simple Living. This blog by Ariane Benefit is an interesting one because of the niche that it focuses on. Ariane writes specifically about living a high-quality simple life when you are dealing with ADD and ADHD. One are of this is how to live neatly and simply when you have problems with chronic disorganization. However, not all of the posts are specific to this. There are also lots of general posts about how to live a simpler, more organized life. I find the blog itself to be a bit “busy” for a simplicity blog. However, I enjoy the content a lot and find that reading it via Google Reader makes it enjoyable for me.


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  • jawwadsaif profile image

    jawwadsaif 6 years ago

    It is important to learn how to live a happy life when things have changed around us.

  • gajanis786 profile image

    gajanis786 6 years ago

    Thank you for handy information.....let me visit these and benefit.....

  • Hello, hello, profile image

    Hello, hello, 6 years ago from London, UK

    Thank you for a great help.

  • amybradley77 profile image

    amybradley77 6 years ago

    Bookmaking this one! Voted up and useful. Anything that makes life more simple in our busy day in age is very much worth knowing more about!! A.B.

  • The Donkey profile image

    The Donkey 6 years ago from Little Rock, Arkansas

    You make some good points! Good work

  • graceomalley profile image

    graceomalley 6 years ago

    Your volume and quality are a hubbing inspiration!

  • vydyulashashi profile image

    vydyulashashi 6 years ago from Hyderabad,India

    Cool Hub with Cool collection of Blogs.

    God Bless You

  • fucsia profile image

    fucsia 6 years ago

    Great topic! A simple life brings us directly to the core of our values, it is true! I like very much the " Be More With Less" blog with its "mini-mission" section. Thanks for sharing these useful blogs!

  • Genna East profile image

    Genna East 6 years ago from Massachusetts, USA

    This is nice. Thanks for the helpful links, from someone who is always looking for ways to simplify.

  • kephrira profile image

    kephrira 6 years ago from Birmingham

    Great list, I'll check them out, thanks.

  • Eiddwen profile image

    Eiddwen 6 years ago from Wales

    Another great hub, you've put loads of work into this hub and it shows.

    Thanks again for a great read.

    Take care


  • cherry the chef profile image

    cherry the chef 6 years ago

    I really like this. Living like this can be so so beautiful. good on you for promoting it

  • nifty@50 profile image

    nifty@50 6 years ago

    Between Birthdays, Christmas,and other such occasions, it almost seems certain that over a life time, one can expect to gather a lot of "stuff". I think moving every so often is a great motivator to get rid of junk! Great hub!

  • Pamela N Red profile image

    Pamela N Red 6 years ago from Oklahoma

    I have been trying to do this for the past few years. As an American it isn't easy with all the ads telling us what we can't live without. It's refreshing to have less clutter and more space.