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5 Simple Ways to Make Money With Facebook | Creating a Fan Page, and Ads Marketing Tactics to Avoid

Updated on September 22, 2014

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5 Simple Ways To Make Money Online With Facebook

Facebook is the largest social media network on the internet today. It is also being used by individuals and companies to promote their products. You’ve got your audience, you’ve got your demographics, you’ve got the traffic, and you’ve got everything on Facebook. It’s the best marketing tool for your business. Do you want to make money with Facebook? Here are 5 simple ways to make money online with Facebook:

1. Become The Middle Man Of Local Products

The strategy is very simple. You just find some retailers of products that you want to sell on Facebook. The products that you are selling don’t need to be too expensive. It should be below $50 per item. Then, promote your product one by one to your Facebook friends and see which product has the highest demand. Of course, you will process the transaction by yourself. You will accept the payment and process the overall transaction, including buying the products at the local retailers and deliver them to your customers. Put at least 20% margin on the products that you’re selling.

2. Sell Your Own Products On Facebook

There are many things that you can create and sell on Facebook. For instance, you can sell printed T-shirt, mug, custom pen, and so on. Just provide a variety of products that will attract good interest from your Facebook friends. Selling on-demand products is a good idea because you will minimize the risk of loss in this business model. It is better for you to create a special Facebook account just for this purpose, and befriend random people on Facebook using this account. Over time, you will have more and more people wanting to be your friends if your products are good enough.

3. Promote Other People’s Products

Another way to make money from Facebook is to do some affiliate marketing campaigns. For the best result, you should pick physical products to promote on your Facebook wall. Remember that it is very important to do this right. Your link should point to your own website or any other medium, not directly to the merchant sales page. For instance, you can link to your YouTube video where you create your own review about the product. In the video description, you will put your cloaked affiliate link with call to action. Or, you can direct people to your website in order to read your review or learn more about the product.

4. Build A Mailing List From Facebook Traffic

If you want to promote an information product with Facebook, you should use Facebook only to build a targeted mailing list for your promotion. The best way is to create a Facebook page for your mailing list website and attract as much likes as possible on your fan page. Of course, you will offer something free for your fans in order to entice them to subscribe to your mailing list. After that, you can promote your info product to your list. You can also use Facebook Ads to attract more likes to your fan page.

5. Create A Viral Promotion

This strategy will be more suitable if you use it to promote a launch product. Whether it is your own product or other people’s product, you can make it viral through Facebook. The key is to start promoting your product to your Facebook friends first, and then continue your promotion in your Facebook page. Create a post that offers some kind of reward for your audience, and ask your audience to spread it through so that they can have more chance to get the reward. This is useful to create anticipation toward your product. It will also help you to sell as many products as possible in the launch day.

Those are 5 simple ways to make money online with Facebook. If you want to monetize your Facebook popularity, you can pick one of those ways in order to start making money from Facebook in a short amount of time.

How to Create a Business Fan Page on Facebook

5 Tips To Create Facebook Fan Page That Can Strengthen Your Brand

Do you want to make your brand popular with Facebook? The key is to create an engaging fan page for your brand. In this way, your fan page will help you to strengthen your brand and make it more likeable for your audience. Here are 5 tips to create Facebook fan page that can strengthen your brand:

1. Give Detailed Information About Your Brand

First of all, you should give proper introduction about your brand to your audience. This is important because it will build a strong foundation for your brand. The only way to make a good introduction about your brand is to give detailed information about your brand – the history of your brand, the products, and the aim of your brand. The more information that you give to your audience, the better they will know and understand about your brand. It will eventually lead to a better business relationship with your audience.

2. Match Your Facebook Fan Page With Your Official Website

Matching your Facebook fan page with your official website will make people understand that it is the official page from your company, not some fake fan page created by unscrupulous people. Telling your audience that this is your official fan page will create an instant trust for your audience toward your company. Remember that there are many fake pages that are created in the name of businesses, celebrities, idols, brands, and products worldwide, and Facebook is full of those fake pages that mislead the audience from the real thing. By matching your Facebook fan page with your official website, your audience will recognize your page as your official brand page on Facebook.

3. Familiarize Your Audience With Your Offer

You should be able to make your audience feel familiar with your brand, products, and services. How can you do this? You can do this by regularly posting your offer in your Facebook page. You can do this daily if needed. This is what will keep your audience feel interested toward your brand. If you keep posting regular updates about your offer, your audience will get used to it, and this is your goal to make them feel familiar with your offer. When they feel familiar with your offer, you can effectively increase the number of your sales and customers in your business.

4. Publish News, Events, Exclusives, And Tips

To keep your audience’s engagement in your fan page, you should also post frequent updates about news, events, exclusives, and tips related to your brand. Remember that you need to balance between promotional content and informational content. However, you shouldn’t hesitate to promote your brand more. Why? That’s because most people who like your brand page on Facebook are already expecting your brand promotion. But, it is always necessary for you to give some variations in your updates so that your audience won’t easily get bored with your page.

5. Connect With Your Audience And Build Good Relationship With Them

Lastly and probably more importantly, you have to be able to create a good personal relationship with your audience. You shouldn’t act like robot that only gives updates and updates without real interaction with your audience. Your page should have a human voice so that people will not hesitate to connect with you, ask some questions, and give their feedbacks. This is the foundation of any good business relationship.

Those are 5 tips to create Facebook fan page that can strengthen your brand. If you want to make your brand more popular, more likable, and more trustworthy, you should follow the tips above. Those tips will help you to create a Facebook page that will give real positive result for your business.

7 Big Mistakes In Facebook Ads Marketing That Will Drain Your Money Quickly

Facebook Ads will give you the opportunity to bring instant targeted traffic to your offer. With the cost that is generally cheaper than AdWords, you’ll be able to spend less in your marketing and get the better result for your promotion. But, many marketers are not using Facebook’s advertising platform effectively. Many of them end up wasting their money on leads that are not converting at all. If you don’t want to be in the same dreaded situation as them, you should use this advertising platform effectively and avoid the mistakes that can ruin your marketing campaign completely. Here are 7 big mistakes in Facebook Ads marketing that will drain your money quickly:

1. Not Specifically Targeting Your Audience

Facebook Ads is designed to be a laser-targeted marketing platform for your business. There are hundreds of millions of active users in Facebook, and you can target your audience with the most specific criteria. This is one of the biggest advantage of Facebook, and you should take this advantage to reach your real audience with the most relevant ads. If you don’t target your audience specifically, you will waste a lot of money targeting people who are not really interested in your offer.

2. Sending The Traffic Directly To Your Paid Offer

It is always a bad idea to send your Facebook traffic directly to your paid offer or sales page. Why? That’s because most of Facebook users don’t care so much about buying products from you the first time they see your paid offer. They are hanging out on Facebook just to socialize with their friends online or probably play games, visit groups, and read some fan pages. It’s always more effective to direct them to your informational landing page first before sending them to your paid offer.

3. Failing To Beautify Your Ads

In Facebook, the beauty of your ads is important. Facebook allows you to add an image in each of your ads. This feature can really help you to make your ad more appealing and interesting. That’s why you should take this feature to its full advantage. By putting quality image as well as appealing message in your ad, you will be able to attract as much clicks for your ad impression as possible. Don’t underestimate the power of small square image in your Facebook ads.

4. Not Setting The Daily Budget For Your Ads

No matter how narrow your target audience, remember that Facebook has the traffic that you need. Therefore, Facebook will always make your ads to appear in front of your targeted audience. If you don’t set a daily budget for your ads because you think that you are targeting a very narrow audience, think again. You will end up wasting lots of money in a day with your uncontrolled ad budget.

5. Not Using Different Landing Page For Different Ads

In any marketing campaign, it is always good for you to test the effectiveness of your ads. Most people neglect the importance of split testing in their advertising campaign, and this is usually the cause of their failed marketing campaign. If you want to get the best result in your Facebook marketing, you should use different landing page for different ads. In this way, you can determine the best combination for your marketing campaign.

6. Not Promoting Your Facebook Page

Do you have a Facebook page about your product? If you want to attract more likes to your Facebook page, you can do it by promoting your page with Facebook Ads. You should take this opportunity because you can make your Facebook page more popular and you’ll get cheaper price per click as well. Not promoting your Facebook page means wasting the opportunity to get more traffic to your offer.

7. Writing Ads That Are Offensive For Some People

Keep your ads interesting and appealing, but you have to avoid going overboard when you write your ad copy. If you want to make a shocking headline, be sure that it will not offend some people who read your ads. Create a big curiosity with your ads, but you need to avoid writing offensive ads so that you can keep a good image for your product.

Those are 7 big mistakes in Facebook Ads marketing that will drain your money quickly. If you want to get the best result from your Facebook marketing campaign, you should follow those tips carefully.


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