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5 Sure-Fire Ways to Save Money

Updated on August 10, 2012

In today's economy, money is a very dear and precious thing to have. Many people today are forced to live with very little or almost none. Even if you have a job; money can still be very scarce. And the downfall in the convoy isn't helping with that at all. We have to save and conserve as much money as we can to live with the waterfall of the economy. Believe it or not, tweaking the way we perform our daily activities can help save almost $300 monthly. Maybe even more. It all depends on how aware you are about your actions. So here you are; five sure-fire ways you can help yourself find some extra cash.

5. Conserve Water

This one is a no brainer. That's why I'm starting with it. Some people don't pay attention to the amount of water they use. Think of your water like this: Every drop is a dollar. Even though it isn't, this method of thinking will help you realize the value of the amount of money you spend on water. To limit your water use, consider washing dishes by hand. Only use the dishwasher when there are guests over and you have a large quantity of dishes to wash. Another helpful tip I know is to make your toilet a low flush toilet. Take a half gallon jug (any juice or milk carton will do) and throw in some rocks and pebbles to fill it up halfway. Fill the rest of tve jug with water. The pebbles and rocks will help keep the jug in one place, instead of having it float around. Next, carefully lower the jug into the tank of your toilet. Lower it into the water so the majority of your tank is submerged. Replace the lid of your tank and your finished! I've been doing this for years and have saved a lot of money. This method will save you half a gallon on each flush. That's an average of 1325 Liters saved every year! You should also turn of water while your brushing and take quick showers instead of deep baths. All these actions will save you a lot of money, guaranteed.

4. Conserve Electricity

Number two on the no brainer list. Conserving electricity is very crucial. The price for electricity is increasing, so you'd better start limiting your use now. First, always remember to turn off lights that you aren't using. Never keep lights on for no reason. Next, you might want to turn off any unless scary appliances that may be plugged in and wasting electricity. Get battery-powered alarm clocks instead of the normal plugged-in ones.

3. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

The list of ways you can do this is endless, so I'll just give a few. You might want to start by using reusable bags for groceries. Grocery markets have started charging a fee for every bag you take from them. Plus reusable bags are healthy for the environment. Also, if you drink soda and other canned/bottled drinks, you should consider saving them up in a garbage bag. After you have collected a lot of cans, take them to your local recycling center to get the deposit fee returned to you. The price for each returned can varies from 5¢ to 15¢, depending on the size and type of the bottle/can. I've been collecting cans for a long time and the extra cash earned with them is really rewarding.

2. Make a list before shopping (And stick to it)

Yeah yeah. I'm sure all of you write up a shopping list before you go fetch the groceries. But how many of you actually stuck to the list, and bought only what it said? I'm sure all of you have gone out of the lists way to buy some extra items. Try to not do that, unless you know that that item is an absolute necessity. Talking about shopping, also try to buy generic products instead of the branded ones. Sure, you prefer Pepsi over that store branded one. But for things like cookies and chips, give the store brands a shot.

1. Ride your bike or Carpool

If possible, avoid driving your own car to get to the desired destination. Try to carpool with other people to save money on gas. Ride your bike when the destination is at a reasonable distance. Don't use your car for every little things. This also reduces your carbon footprint. If the destination is far, you can always take the bus or the subway.
Trust me. These 5 actions can really make a difference. A huge difference. Many people think that doing these things will only save a penny, but in the long run, you will be very thankful. Since I have many more possible methods in my mind, here's a small list of other things you can do to save money:

-Avoid vending machines

-Avoid the theater

-Use the library

-Avoid ATM machines

-Go out to eat only once in a while

-Go cell-phone only (get rid of your landline)

-Buy in bulk

-Cook at home

I hope I have helped you save some money. If you have any comments, questions, or feedback, please tell me in the comments below. Thanks for reading!


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    • Alecia Murphy profile image

      Alecia Murphy 

      6 years ago from Wilmington, North Carolina

      A lot of your tips are common sense and they do work. By not eating out that much, I save alot of money. And I rarely go shopping for food without a list- otherwise I'll risk going crazy with my spending. Great up, very useful!


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