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5 Things to Make Money Online

Updated on December 28, 2013

Key to Success of Making Money Online

There are only 5 things you really need to concentrate on to have a successful online business running. And yet, thousands of people do it wrong because they don’t understand the fundamentals how to do it.

Here are the 5 things…

Finding a niche market that can be profitable on the internet

The biggest mistake that most people make is getting it all wrong, right from the beginning– Assuming howprofitable a niche can be WITHOUT knowing how to research to ensure that it can be as fool proof as possible for success.

“You don’t need a product or service to sell to make money online.”

WHAT you need in an online business in BUYING niche market.

Get that into your head first.

Understanding what your asset is and focusing on building it

Your business asset is not your webpage. It’s not your domain name either. It’syour database. Your mailing list. The LIST is EVERYTHING for your internet business… it’s not just a “part” of your online success, it IS your online success. Without a list it will be very difficult to make any money online. You can make some, but not long term without a list.

Your ability to make money online depends on having a list! There are other ways to make money but very, very few successful people online make a living WITHOUT a list. KEEP THAT IN MIND – ALWAYS.

Once you know that’s the purpose of your online business, hammer on it. Focus on building your mailing list. Whatever you do online … always ask yourself, “Does the effort I’m putting in today is going to help me grow my list of subscribers?”

Getting people to visit your site

We’re talking about website traffic here. Let me be honest with you, there are hundreds of ways to attract traffic, but there are only 4 ways that I have personally used to get free traffic successfully.

What you want is targeted traffic, not ‘useless’ traffic. Targeted traffic is traffic where the visitors come to you, they are not being ‘forced’ to visit your webpage. One of the examples of targeted traffic is visitors from the search engines like,, etc.

Selling to your visitors

Let’s face it, you have to sell something to make money online! There are only 2 ways to make money online – Selling someone else’s product or selling your own product. Simple.

You see, it doesn’t matter if you’re selling yours or others as long as the product is there to solve your prospect’s problem. The product should be the solution to a problem. So when there’s a problem, there’s an opportunity for you to make money online by offering a solution in the format of a product.

Your job as a marketer is to help people FILL what’s missing or SATISFY their WANTS. It’s not be too complicated, is it? In doing so you are making their life better, richer, happier and of course, you are helping them to be ‘happy’ in their life as a ‘solution provider.’

Improving your sales conversion through testing and tracking

You must always seek ways to improve your online business. Basically, if you’re getting 10,000 visitors to your website each week, can you double that figure? There are 2 ways to double it – Increase the numbers of times of your current implementation or use new implementations. What I’m trying to say is… if you’re getting your traffic from the search engines, can you squeeze out more from them? If yes, go ahead. If you can’t, then find new implementations.

Let’s not forget about growing your income. The purpose of increasing your sales conversion is for the purpose of increasing your overall income.

I think the most overlooked goldmine opportunity of business owners is that they’re not selling to their current customers after their first purchase.

The most important part is your back-end selling. That means you will sell to the same customers again. It’s much easier to sell to the customers who have purchased from you before rather than trying to sell to those who have yet to purchase anything from you. The reason is your previous customers have trust in you. You have built a relationship with them. A good one, I would say.

Products to offer for your back-end selling can be someone else’s products or your own other products that are related to ones previously purchased by your customers.

Check to get more ideas about making money online.


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