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5 Tips To Save You Money When Hiring a Moving Company

Updated on March 11, 2014
Author of this article and owner are Stress Re-Movers LLC
Author of this article and owner are Stress Re-Movers LLC | Source

I have been a mover for some time before starting my own moving company. While working in this field I have come up with a few tips to give my customers to help them save a little money when having their stuff moved. Most moving companies will not give you tips like this because the longer it takes them to move the more money they get. And call me cliche but I would much rather have happy, satisfied customers than an extra hour or two of work. Here are some important tips that could save you money during your next move.

1. Pack your stuff before the movers get there.

Most moving companies (if not all) charge your by the hour. Spending extra time packing your stuff while the movers are there is just going to add time to your bill. The movers most likely will not care if they have to help you pack up your whole house because they will be getting paid for it but if you want to save some time and money make sure everything is packed and ready to go out the door.

2. Be ready to prop your doors open.

As a mover there is nothing more annoying then a door closing on you when you are carrying something heavy. It doesn't take much to stick a door jam into doors when the mover show up. Most mover will have their own door jams but there main focus is going to be figuring out the best method of getting your belongings from point A to point B. Saves you a little time in the long run as well.

3. Stage what you can near the exit.

A reoccurring topic will come up multiple times in this article. By reducing the time it takes to move you will reduce costs of the entire move. Even if it takes you hours before hand to properly prep for your movers to show up just to save an hour or two, that can be the difference in a few hundred dollars in some cases. Staging things that you are able to move safely by the exit will allow for more trips back and fourth to the truck or trailer in a smaller amount of time. Walking ten feet does not take very long but if you have to walk an extra ten feet, two times withing 15 trips you are now walking an extra football fields length during the duration of the move.

4. If your not moving everything make sure whats going is labeled.

When I talk to a customer that isn't moving everything to their new place I will always tell them to go through and label everything that is going with a post-it note or colored tape or something that is easily distinguishable. Some of the most wasted time during a move (besides packing) is when the person who is being moved is deciding on what is going and what is not while the movers are there. If you sort all of it out before hand you can just tell the movers that everything with, let's say, blue tape on it is going and everything else is staying. This makes it easy for the movers to see what they need to take with them.

5. Give the movers space.

Everyone has different ways of doing things. You may be the type of person that needs to have complete control of everything but sometimes it can be counter productive. Movers do it for a living. This means they go to work everyday and move people from place to place. They learn tricks and tactics that work well through the experience of doing it all the time. Although you may think you know the best way to move your items I assure you that the movers will do their best to move your belongings in the most efficient manner possible. So give them some space and leave the micromanagement in your back pocket.

Just remember this and you will get the most out of your money with a moving company. Time is money! The longer it takes them to move you the more it will cost. If you prepare properly for the move you may end up saving hundreds of dollars that would have otherwise been wasted. A moving company does not mind if they have to help you pack or sort through everything with you because they get paid by the hour. Just prepare, Stage your belongings before hand, and stay out of the way and I guarantee you will save some of your hard earned cash.

Remember to thank a veteran!
Remember to thank a veteran!

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    • profile image

      ed and em 

      4 years ago

      Very helpful! Its easy for me to stay organized when I have time to think, so packing before the movers show up will help a lot when it comes time to unpack because I will know where most everything is, and I won't be in a panic when the move is going on.


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