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6 Tips for Black Friday Shopping

Updated on November 19, 2017
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Sabrina loves to write about love, life, and everything in-between in a candid yet humorous approach.

1. Plan Ahead and Make a List- Before doing any shopping, make a list of what you want to buy and the stores where it's sold at. This way you will have a plan about which stores to hit and which to avoid. By knowing what you want, you also will not waste any time wondering around the store looking, but rather you can enter and head straight to your destination. In the hectic environment of overexcited discount shoppers, it is always a good idea to have a plan, get what you need, and leave as quickly as possible.

2. Check out the deals in the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving and Black Friday- There are many sales and deals going on before Thanksgiving or Black Friday ever occur. For example, there was a special at Bergner's this past weekend which included $50.00 any purchase of $100.00 or more which is a very rare and good deal. Many stores start their deals early instead of waiting until Thanksgiving night or Black Friday, so it is always a good idea to start checking out your favorite stores and websites for good deals ahead of time.

3. Check out Black Friday sales online- If you enjoy shopping online throughout the year, why not check out the Black Friday sales online and save yourself a trip to the store? Even if you have never shopped online before, Thanksgiving night and Black Friday are a good time to start. It is a thing of the past to go to bed early on Thanksgiving just to get up early at 5am for the sales at the store. Some people even camp out on Thanksgiving night in front of their favorite stores that open earlier and earlier every year. I don't know about you, but driving at 3am and fighting for a good parking spot just to get a good deal on a computer or T.V. just doesn't sound like a good time to me. It's much more comfortable to save yourself a trip in the dead of night and get online for the same exact deals that you would get in the store. In the comfort of your home, you can shop to your heart's content and know you are getting a good deal. Just make sure to check your favorite store websites at 6pm on Thanksgiving night and throughout the night for the best deals. You can even wear your favorite pajamas and enjoy a midnight snack while you're at it.

4. Credit a budget- Black Friday brings out the inner shopper in all of us. It can be very easy to see a good deal and buy the item even if we don't really need it. This is why it's very important to make a budget for your Black Friday shopping and try to stick to it. This way you won't end up with a bunch of stuff that you don't really need just because it was cheap and on sale. Having a budget requires you to plan out your purchases and stick to that plan, therefore avoiding impulse shopping and the regret that comes with it.

5. Gets the apps for all your favorite stores and follow them on social media- This is the age of technology, so it is a wise move to download the apps of your favorite stores to your phone or iPad. These apps will let you know first all the good deals that are going on year round and especially on Black Friday. Also be sure to follow your favorite stores on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. This is the way these stores advertise sales now and you want to be in the know when they do. This way you will be up to date on all the deals going and won't be missing out on anything.

6. There's always Cyber Monday- If for some reason you miss out on Black Friday deals, relax, there's always Cyber Monday. Cyber Monday is basically when all the stores you love like Macys, Bergners, HollisterCo, Aeropostale, Target, Walmart, and most others offer sales and discounts online, you simply have to go to their websites and find what you need. A lot of the time there will be free shipping on all orders or free shipping on $50 or up, depending on where you shop. Even if you did your shopping on Black Friday but missed out on getting something, be sure to check out the deals on the Monday after Thanksgiving for major savings.

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