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Fuel inefficiency: 5 tips to help save on gas

Updated on July 16, 2014

I Miss My 67 Mustang

Not my Mustang, but similar. A great cruising car
Not my Mustang, but similar. A great cruising car | Source

The Good Ole Days of Driving

When were teenagers our cars were our lives. We did almost everything in our cars, except for take a shower and other things. We cruised all over town and only stopped to visit the mall, a friends houses, a fast food joint or other places.

In our cars we socialized face to face, not with a text or email. Like the pioneers of old, who used horse and wagon, we used our cars to set sail for great adventures, like going to the beach or to the big city..

Of course it all came with a price-the price of gas. Back then gas cost about twenty seven cents a gallon. We could drive all over God’s creation for about $5 dollars a week. Nothing has changed much over the years,except for the price of gas.

Gas prices are in the rise-again

That was then, this is now
That was then, this is now | Source

Gas prices are always on the rise

Nothing has changed much over the years. We still use our cars to cruise around, to go on vacations, to take the kids back and forth to sporting events and dance recitals and much more.Today however the price of gas is no linger measured in a few cents but a few dollars.

Gas prices it seems are also on the rise. What are we to do but figure out a few ways to save some money on gas. Here are a couple of help save some money on gas.

Use public transportation when possible

Take the Bus. If you live in the city, taking the bus or suibway might be a better idea. Think about all the money saved on gas and parking fees. Another upside is all the interesting people you will see on the bus. By the way don’t worry about the guy with all the tattoos who is staring at you.

Some other ideas to save on gas

Start Walking. If the corner store is five minutes away you need to walk.

Carpool. To me carpools are like the good old days when we packed as many people in a car as we could. Think about all the people you could get to know as you carpool. Sure there might be someone in the car that annoys you but that is half the fun of carpooling.

Combine trips in your car. If you have several trips to make in the same area do them all at once. Don’t go home and then back out to the CVS. Then go home only to go back out to the grocery store. Then back home. Only to need to go over to the library to get the book you ordered.

Ride a bike. A bike is not only a good form of transportation is also a good form of exercise. What not tone up your body and save a little money all at once.

Of course there are the usual ways of saving gas, like keeping your car tuned, air in your tires, the oil changed and more but that is advice for another Hub.

I do miss all the time I used to spend in my car but hey times change and I guess we all must change with the times.


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    • profile image

      Copper Man 4 years ago

      Yes ... I remember my first car, a 1946 Ford sedan. It had belonged to a member of the Washington State Patrol and I had to control myself so as not to have a patrolman stop me for speeding.

    • whittwrites profile image

      T.B Whitt 4 years ago from the Philly area

      Me too, I loved to drive all over the place

    • twilanelson profile image

      Twila Nelson 4 years ago from Carmichael, California

      As a teenager one of my first cars was a Plymouth Valiant and I loved to drive. I loved my hair blowing in the wind. I loved the yellow lines of the road. I loved the socialization in and around our cars.

      I sure miss those gas prices.

      Thank you for the advice and all of the extremely useful tips on how to save gas. Have a wonderful day.