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5 Unique Ways for Kids to Make Money

Updated on August 5, 2009

Making Money For Kids

For kids, making money is not as important as for older people. You do not need to pay bills or taxes like you parents. However, you still want some spending money every now and then.You want some easy ways to make money for kids.  As a kid, do not get a job that you hate and will not have any fun doing. Try and have fun! Do something cool, pick something you like to do. You can always do the old fashioned things, like lemonade stands, or babysitting, or mowing lawns, but they many not be something you like to do. Here is a list of 5 easy, unique ways to make money for kids.

5 Unique Ways for Kids to Make Money

1. Kids can make money by designing, making, and selling greeting cards. If you are a good artist, graphic designer, or are good with computers, this is great for you. Come up with a plan and design for your cards first, then make them. You can paint or draw them, or make them on the computer. There is a lot of free card-making software on the internet if you need some. Making them on the computer is better in my opinion, as they are easily replicable, can be duplicated many times, and look more professional. Once you have designed some for most occasions, including birthdays, weddings, easter, Christmas, thank-yous, and some get well cards, make a portfolio of them all and sell them to neighbors and friends.

2. Kids can also make money by taking pictures of peoples' pets. If you like pets and taking pictures, this is for you. Get a good camera, a backdrop for the pictures, a stand for your camera, and some photo editing software.Take pictures of everyone's dog, cat, turtle, and mouse for money. You may also want a good photo printer so that you can print photos immediately or after editing them on your computer.

3.If you are good at fixing things, then try making money by fixing bikes around your neighborhood. Start up a bike fixing business right in your garage. You can start with easy things like airing up tires and oiling chains, before moving on to harder things that requre some money, such as replacing brakes.

4.Make money online. Kids can make money online, with the help and permission of their parents. They can take online surveys for cash, look at ads for money, or even start a website! One method of doing this is by starting a niche blog. A niche blog is basically a blog about a very small topic, such as dog grooming or computer speakers. Blogs can be created for free on platforms such as blogger or tumblr. If you would like google to send you visitors, you need to obtain backlinks, or links back to your site. You can get them by writing articles, making hubs, or exchanging links with someone. You can make money from your blog from google adsense. Always be careful on the internet and never give out your personal information without parental permission.

5.Make money by selling baked goods. Are you good at making cookies, brownies, cake, or other deserts? Try making your best desert and selling it to friends, neighbors, or family. Do not be afraid to test them yourself every once in a while.


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    • profile image

      amy trun 5 years ago

      Umm well ya that didnt help my kids at all!:(

    • Naima Bilal profile image

      Naima Bilal 5 years ago from Petaro, Pakistan

      My three year old has already earned in two ways:

      We held a garage sale selling his un opened birthday gifts.

      His photos were sold on internet... (He is well admiredfor his looks as his mom is for her writings!)

    • profile image

      Stephanie Peacocke 8 years ago

      Great ideas! I think the more people that can encourage kids to be entrepreneurial in there lives the better!

      I am working hard myself as it is my mission to see kids being creative, after all money is a great teacher.