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5 Visualization Techniques To Attract More Money

Updated on October 28, 2012

Have you ever thought to yourself that when you have a lot of something you seem to get more of it? Good or bad, if we have an abundance of something we will inevitably attract more of it into our lives. Because we focus on already having it in our life it is very easy for us to attract more and more of it without having to do very much.

Now the reason why people seem to attract alot hurt and pain into their life is because the thoughts they think are constantly about hurt and pain, then once they've got a little of it in their lives they'll then complain about and focus on it a bit more and then they'll have increased emotion about these thoughts and feelings and as a result they'll get some more. Everyone knows someone that always seems to be in a bad relationship or always gets hurt by someone and what do they do? They talk about it, cry about it, talk to themselves about it, give themselves reasons why they're being treated this way. The process then repeats itself.

If they were to do the exact opposite and focus on being happy and how it would feel and that people will love them for them a drastic change would happen to them. Their subconcious would omit a totally different person without out them having to do anything other than thinking and seeing better thoughts.

I've given the above example as people can relate to this more and see in day to day life. If you look at what the mechanism is that can create more of something you want or don't want then you can now focus on constantly focus your thoughts on what you do want. Whether you want something or don't want something, by focusing on either or,you'll be attracting it in to your life. It really doesn't mind whether its good or bad for you it is only acting as a servant to and giving you what your thoughts and images project.

Here are 5 ways to focus your mind on having and feeling more money.

  1. Put inside your wallet or purse an amount you can keep inside there for a decent period of time, say a month. The more you can keep in there the better. Lets say you can put £100 or £100 dollars into your wallet, what you then do is change this up into smaller notes 10's or 20's. Now you'll need to keep this amount in your wallet or purse for aslong as possible. You still draw any many that you need for when you go shopping or go out. Lets say you need to buy some small groceries and you only need £10 draw that £10 out and put in your wallet, as you place this £10 in to your wallet your seeing that you have £100, that's one new positive message sent to your subconscious ("woh your loaded" transmitted to the subconscious bank) you then go to and buy you groceries, you then open your wallet again you don't see £10 you see £110! positive message sent to your subconscious number 2 ("woh your loaded, buying them groceries was nothing") and when you get your change you wont feel you've got only a few pounds in your pocket you'll feel, that you've got over £100 pounds in your pocket. The other great positive feeling you'll get from having this amount of money in your wallet is that it will feel slightly heavier than normal, hence why I say change the notes into smaller notes. So just by picking up and carrying your wallet about you will get a subconscious trigger telling you, you have money.
  2. Write out cheques (on an old cheque book ) for amounts that might make you feel a little uncomfortable say cheques that are more than what you currently earn per month. When doing this you want to feel that you can write these cheques because you have plenty of money in the bank to write them. Write them for something you want, to add emotion to this process, like a car, or a deposit for a house or for work you've had carried out on your home. Once you start to feel comfortable with writing these cheques you will more comfortable having more money, which will add a positive emotion and amplifying the attraction process.
  3. Go get some paying in slips from your bank and write out large amounts of money going into your bank you have the option these to say how much in each notes there are and you can also put a cheque amounts too, whilst doing this think what is your being paid for why it is your receiving these large amounts of money all the time. Your brain will start to think as to why your getting this amount of money resulting actuall ways you can really receive this money. You could pay in a £1200 cheque on your slip, why did you get a £1200 cheque? Google pays you cheques, why does Google pay cheques? For its Adsense revenue earned, how do you earn Adsense Revenue?.......................... so on so on so on, your brain will make sure it finds the answer.
  4. If you have photoshop great if you don't it doesn't matter too much but the more realistic it appears the better. Get an old bank statement and if you can amend to a new desired figure that you would like to see in it, amend the money going in and out parts too. Put wages in at the start and put £23,047 in,then under that put a resturaunt you'd like to eat at then put £93.68 out, then put maybe a favourite retailer and put an "out" total put some bills in there too. You can always put more in down the list. Then at the end see what your total is for that month it should still be in the thousands. Then do one for the next month and carry the total over and put these new statements where you can constantly see them. By doing this you will visualise a better healthier bank balance every month and one that will go up up and up each month. This will give you the thoughts and feelings of being wealthier and some answers to how you will achieve it.
  5. Simply start to read the finer things of life. Pick up Travel magazines,fashion magazines, business magazines and home magazines by doing this you will give yourself a reason to have this amount of money in your life you will also see things that you will desire which will create a burning desire in you to get these things. You will also put your self in a different state of mind by wanting the finer things and you'll start to notice the old boring things will start to fall away.

By doing 1 or all of these visualization techniques, money will start to flow to you in ways you may not be able to explain and some you will, do not question it, just accept its the universe giving you what you want. Take them and build your new and better life. If you want to delve deeper in to how we can create wealth and happiness which the world richest already know how to do then you really need to get hold of The Science of getting rich. If you've already seen The Secret and are amazed by what it has shown you then The science of getting goes in to a lot finer detail.


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    • profile image

      shanna 3 years ago

      I LIKE DIS

    • New Understanding profile image

      New Understanding 4 years ago from Northern California

      Good ideas. Training your mind to think of having instead of not having is most the battle for sure!

    • JP993 profile image

      JP993 5 years ago from England

      Great Comment, Richwriter,

      This all really does work and it is sometimes hard to explain. All the best.

    • Richawriter profile image

      Richard J ONeill 5 years ago from Bangkok, Thailand

      Yippeeee! I am the first to comment.

      I love metaphysics and the power of the mind. I'm convinced it works. I have too much evidence of it in my life to think otherwise.

      I especially like the moneyin the wallet technique that you mention. Definitely something to try out. Just gotta find the money to do it now!!! Nah, just kidding.

      Interesting and voted up.

      Peace. :)