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5 Ways To Attract More Money In To Your Life

Updated on November 5, 2011

Everything that comes into our life is brought to us by the thoughts that we think about. The way you live your life right now is the process of your subconscious beliefs that have been suggested to you from birth. If you have a negative outlook on being rich and wealthy you will never become wealthy because your subconscious mind is programmed to make sure you are not to become wealthy because it is wrong. Do you have people around you that talk negatively about rich people? Or constantly tell you that they have no money? Or if you accumulate money someone will try to take it away? If you have negative beliefs about money you will find it very hard to ever have an abundance of it.

On the other hand people that are born in to families and are surrounded by people with a positive outlook of money seem to attract more and more of it in to their life because their mind is programmed that money is good and that you can achieve anything you want in life. As a result they become wealthy and pass on their positive beliefs on. Although these people are few and far between.

Who is right? That Latter of course!

Are these people better people than you? Do they posess better skills than you? No. They simply choose to think differently about money and what they can achieve in their life.They tell themselves they can have what ever they want.

If you truly want to become wealthy and enjoy a rich life, all you have to do is change the thoughts you think about and the images you put in your mind. This works for attracting money this works in relationships and in works in your everyday life. By simply changing your images in your mind to more prosperous ones you can become whatever it is you see yourself to be no matter how far away it is from your present situation.

Can it be done? Of course it can! All you need to need to do is have the desire to want more from life and want it now!


 1. This is the most important one of them all. You must constantly think and see yourself as a rich and wealthy person. Put images infront of your mind of yourself in the future, make the images as detailed as possible, really really see yourself walking around the new home you have just bought see what cars you have on the front add people that will be around you. Feel yourself opening doors to your new house, feel yourself getting in to your car add as many senses to this exercise much as you can this will add emotion to your thoughts thus accelerating the attraction process. Do this exercise now go somewhere wheres its peaceful and quiet and really put these images in front of your mind. You need to do this daily.

2. Read up on people who are very wealthy. This is extremely important to do. It will give you creative ideas on how you become wealthy. You can then use the skills you posess to turn them into making money. The more you read on people who have become very wealthy, you will start to see a resemblance as to what I am showing you. Something you'll read a lot is they all knew they were going to become rich. The images they put infront of them were images of them succeeding and they didn't let go of them. You will also see what they had to overcome to achieve their success.

3. Read up how you can make money. It doesn't matter if you look at how to make £100 in a day or look up how to be a millionaire. If you constantly expose yourself to new ideas on how to make more money the result will be that you'll have a new skill to make more money,some you can do straight away some you can adapt and use in your own way. If you do this you are the road to creating more money in your life. How would you feel if you could double what you currently earn per day? Then double that again? By actively seeking ways to make more money you can acheive this.

4.Surround yourself around people that are wealthy or focus on the people around you that are wealthy, whether its your boss or wealthy friends by interacting with these people their habbits with money will naturally rub off on to you. If you stick around the same people that have negative beliefs and have no direction in life you will halt the process of your becoming a wealthier person. This is your life, go get what you want.

5. Take Action, you must follow through with your desire to become wealthy every single day from now, no matter what comes in your way you must see that it is there to push you harder and make you stronger in fulfilling your dreams. I can vouch for this.

You are intitled and deserve to be rich and wealthy person. Start seeing yourself in a positive prosperous light you will attract more wealth in to your life.

By doing what have suggested to you can make a massive impact on your life and the loved ones around for the better. You must actively seek ways to become more wealthy and the only result you will get is becoming more wealthy.


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    • JP993 profile image

      JP993 7 years ago from England

      Thanks for your comment Pastella13. :D

    • profile image

      pastella13 7 years ago

      This is so inspirational and so true. What we focus on, we get. We attract the things that we think about. Sometimes it's easy to slip back into negative behaviour when things go wrong, but this has reminded me of the way forward. Great hub.