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5 Ways To Lower Your Monthly Budget

Updated on March 5, 2009

How Much Do You Spend?

Add up your total bills for the month. Pretty high aren't they. How about some quick fixes that can lower the amount you spend each month?

1. Lower The Cable Bill

If you can't cut it out all together, cosider re-evaluating amount you spend each month on your Cable Television Bill. You could downgrade from a more expensive package you are currently paying for perhaps for something a little more basic and lower cable TV bill in just one phone call

Call your cable representative and tell him you want to know how you can lower cable TV bill. If there is not a smaller package available, ask if your cable company has any offers to combine your cable bill with internet or phone for a lower total price.

2. Lower Your Cell Phone Bill

Call your cell phone company and ask if they have any phone packages that may better suit your needs for a lower price. If you are out of your cell phone contract this is a great time to ask if they offer loyalty discounts for customers resigning a contract. You really can get an additioal 5% to %15 percent off your phone bill each month just for asking.

Tell them your situation. Be friendly. Just imagine if you were on the other side of the line and knew that you could help someone by just entering in a code. Cell phone representatives CAN do this. They CAN lower your cell phone bill or give perks and many do just by asking. I have a CHEAP cell phone bill. I pay $35 a month for a 500 minute a month plan, with free texting, free first incoming minute, free mobile to mobile, and free internet, and an additonal free 100 minutes a month, Most of these features I got because I called and ASKED.

If your considering switching cell phone companies, ask to be directed directly to Rententions. They will do everything they can to keep your business. This is the jobs of a rententions representatives. Do some research. Find a plan you like with another cell phone company and ask if they can do any better.

3. Lower Auto Insurance

When I went through and found everyway possible to cut my bills I knew attacking my car insurance premium was a savings gold mine. I knew I was paying to much at $170 a month and tried to get some better offers to lower auto insurance. But I was calling all the wrong people. I then came accross NetQuote For Free Auto Insurance Quotes through a points program. I entered in my information and within minutes I was given names of popular car insurance companies and the best rates they could offer me. In a few hours later a nice guy called me who got my information through this and reduced my insurance from $170 a monthI was paying with Nationwide to $113 a month for an even better plan with an even better company.

4. Lower Your Electricity Bill

3 words. Fluorescent Light Bulbs. These money savers are becoming more and more affordable and over the lifespan of 7 years can save $50 to $70 per bulb. Add just 15 to your house and thats about $5 to $10 savings each month on your electricity bill. It adds up. You can get these at Hardware stores, online, grocery stores, and more.

5. Lower Water Bill

Get a timer and put that thing in the bathroom to lower water bill. Start by asking your family members to time their showers. Then ask the entire family to make a strong effort to cut their shower times.

If their shower time is normally 15 mins ask them to cut it to 10.. How many of us just stand under the hot water to feel it hit our back or enjoy our shower time as a quiet place to do some thinking and run through the days activities. Your thinking time is wasting water. Make an effort to get in, get clean, and get out. You'd be suprised at how much of a difference this can make in a month.


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