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5 Ways To Make Quick And Easy Money Online

Updated on April 6, 2015

Everyone dreams about earning passive income with minimal effort. However, when you see those sketchy advertisements online about earning money from home you are quick to turn away. With the help of this article you will be able to trust and feel safe using these sites to earn money online.

#1 - Swagbucks

This site is often seen as the king of earning money online. It offers games, surveys, videos and many other tasks to earn Swagbucks which you can then redeem for gift cards and other merchandise.

Country Restrictions: Swagbucks only operates in the following countries United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia and Ireland.

Currency: 100 Swagbucks is equivalent to 1 dollar.

Payout: You can choose to redeem your points in the form of numerous different gift cards or have the money directly deposited into your Paypal account. There are also numerous sweepstakes, also called swagstakes, which is basically a raffle system. However, it is highly recommended that you avoid these sweepstakes as it is negative value for your Swagbucks.


  • Download the Swagbutton for your internet browser. This extension gives you an initial 50SB and 1SB per day.
  • Download the swagbucks tv mobile app. This app lets you watch videos, for every 5 videos you watch you are credited with 2SB. Look for the shortest videos and add them into your favorites ( search for 10 second tip videos). Once there are 2 to 3 short videos in your favorites let them auto play. Another tip, this app has a limit of 36SB per day so after around 10 minutes of auto play feel free to turn off the app.
  • Fill out the daily poll every day. It is 1 click and credits 1 SB.
  • If all these tips are followed, at the end of the month you will have about 2000 SB in your account. This about 20 dollars for absolutely no work.

Current statistics for slicethepie
Current statistics for slicethepie

#2 - SliceThePie

This is one of my favorite sites to make money on. It does require some effort though. For this site, you will get paid for reviewing music. You will be given a 90 second music sample and a text box to place your review in.

Country Restrictions: This site is constantly changing in regards to which country it is allowed in. Before joining make sure to check if your country is on the list.

Currency: There is no in site currency.

Payout: This site only offers a minimum $10 payout via Paypal.


  • Make sure your reviews are lengthy. An average review will get around .06 cents per review while a lengthy one will get upwards of .15 cents.
  • Make sure to include musical sounding words. For example talk about the instruemental, the vocals or the lyrics in the song.
  • There is a minimum of about 50 words for review. Make sure you meet this requirement.

If you would like to join this site please follow through this referral link that way I will get a kickback at no extra costs towards you. If you don`t wanna follow a ref feral link just sign up through

#3- Gifthulk

This site is very similar to Swagbucks as it also offers surveys, videos and many other tasks to be completed. What makes this site special is that you can cash out via bitcoin.

Country Restrictions: This site is only open to the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, and Ireland.

Currency: 1000 HulkCoins is equivalent to 1 dollar.

Payout: You can redeem your hulkcoins for gift cards in their store. The lowest value gift cards usually are $5. Also, similar to Swagbucks, they offer sweepstakes to redeem gift cards. However, this is not recommended as these sweepstakes are usually negative value.


  • Play the guessing card game everyday.
  • Download the daily ios app for around 400-500 hulkcoins.

If you want to join this site please use my referral code JA904795.

#4 - Amazon Mechanical Turk

This site is probably the most professional site out of the ones listed. This site allows the user to complete minute tasks for pay.

Country Restrictions; Canada and the United States. However, recently most Canadians have not been getting their account accepted and this site is becoming solely for the United States.

Currency: No in site currency.

Payout`: All payouts go through your Amazon account. Also, tax information will be needed.


#5- QuickRewards

This site is mostly dedicated to surveys. It does have some other features such as watching videos or listening to the radio but the surveys is where the real money is at. Don`t be fooled by this sites sketchy looking nature, it is in fact a legitimate site with legitimate payments.

Country Restrictions: Unknown

Currency: No in site currency

Payout: This site works through Paypal. It lets you deposit your money with no minimum restrictions.


  • This site will send you a lot of survey offers through your email. So if you decide to sign-up make sure to use a secondary email account.
  • Do the surveys they send through email, these surveys usually have the best value.

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    • chuckandus6 profile image

      Nichol marie 

      3 years ago from The Country-Side

      Thank You NN,I Will have To check that out,sometime

    • NNFourty profile imageAUTHOR


      3 years ago

      @chuckandus6 Thank you for the kind words! Regarding your comment, I agree that Swagbucks is quite frustrating when it comes to their surveys. What I recommend for Swagbucks is that you only do the daily poll, and watch the videos on the app. This will be enough points for you to be able to redeem the $20 gift card monthly. However, if you do want to do surveys I would also recommend a site like QuickRewards. This site will offer much greater rewards when it comes to surveys.

    • chuckandus6 profile image

      Nichol marie 

      3 years ago from The Country-Side

      Very well done hub.Just Fyi though (oh wow can't believe that I just used that)sorry.scratch that but anyway I see "Swagbucks" and it makes me want to run.This is probably A very legitimate site but the 2 times i tried it You answer 1000 questions to see if they will have you take a survey.this is what will happen you will tell them age,gender,income,foods you like and don't like, every disease you have,tyoe of toothpaste you use,then it Will say "sorry no surveys at this time." i just took a 1000 question Survey,already WTF( what the fudge) ok and it was a long time ago that I was fooled by them they could have changed.

      Sorry so long of comment.


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