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5 Ways To Wealth And Happiness

Updated on July 21, 2015

What is your idea of success?. What obstacles would actually prevent you from achieving your goals in life. Five keys to wealth and happiness are ways to overcome five emotional stumbling blocks that may have prevented you from getting what you wanted in the past. Managing these emotions will have a major impact in your life.And the five keys are -


Frustration is ultimately a silent killer of dreams. It can turn a positive attitude to a negative one. And a negative attitude wipes out self-discipline which invariably takes away a desire to even try or leap at opportunity when it comes. Let's face it, the more successful you are the more frustrated you are. We must always guide against allowing any condition or situation to get us cheesed off or washed up. Remember that on the other side of frustration is success. Do put the problem that frustration brings behind you and move on. It is merely a passing phase. It ain't going to be forever as no condition or ''frustration'' is permanent. There is an old expression that says, ''When life hands you lemons,make lemonade. ''Few people succeed because so few people learn to manage frustration. Learn how to turn frustration to fascination. Will you?.


Rejection is another killer of dreams. The most successful people in the world are those who can handle frustration and rejection. In disguise, rejection leads you close to success. I have heard it time and again that rejections in different shapes or forms have killed and buried the dreams and visions of many. If you have been rejected in one way or the other before and you have accepted and concluded that as to be a crass fiasco, then you are not good for success. The key is - act again and again and still again as if it was impossible to fail and it shall be! It is said that only those who attempt the absurd is capable of achieving the impossible.


Complacency can derail or disrupt your dreams as in the comfort of today's success could stealtily negligently make complacency to set in if care is not taken. Remember it is not what you get in life that creates fulfillment and happiness but who you are. We tend to judge ourselves by our peers. Learn to judge yourself by your goals and values and not by your peers. Endeavour to pay careful attention to whom you associate with. The people around you impact on your values. No matter how well you are doing, there is someone out there who is doing better. The road to the top is so steep that it requires one to be dynamically tenacious so as not to fall astern in one aspirations.


The best secret of living is giving. Always give much more than you expect to receive.If you focus on helping or changing lives you will become truly wealthy. It is easier to be wealthy than it is to make a lot of money. Indeed, one of the most vital decision you can make is to be on the look out for opportunities to invest in others. Nothing can circumvent the law of sowing and reaping. That's the truth of it. Focus on what you can do or give and not on what you can get which unarguably borders on greed. We actually don't want to be identified with that. Do we?. As Zig Ziglar purveys it - You will always have everything you want in life if you will help enough other people get what they want. In a nutshell, let's choose good habits and become their 'slave' and we will definitely reap the rich harvests or benefits that come along as the upshot of all that we selflessly sow.


There is no gainsaying the fact that money mostly causes marital problems. Learn the basics of personal financial planning. You've got to get to grips with books that teach unreservedly about finance (The Richest Man In Babylon by George Clayson, Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill) are just the few examples among others. You cannot read these books and ever remain the same again regarding your finances. You'll know how to control your expenditure by budgeting your expenses. What you call expenses will grow to equal your income unless you protest to the contrary. We all have a choice. It ever appals me that it is the choice of some people to continue to rent house until rent rent them. I overheard it at a restaurant a little while ago just from someone who said that his parents have been tenants all their lives for over 50 years now even before he himself was born. Within me, I said Oh! Lord have mercy! I didn't eavesdrop at all...did I? Never anyway. (ha-ha-haa!). They hardly could think or plan they could have their own house too. Poverty does not come only to those who do not work or does come likewise to those who work and waste their earnings unprofitably also. We are living longer but we are not saving enough. We all need a wisely well-kept nest egg for future use. Don't we? Just making money is not enough, but gaining control over your expenses without fail is the most important thing to take into consideration.Here is the key-

- Endeavour to give away 10% of your earnings to GOD

who giveth you the strength and health to get wealth.

- Use 10% to reduce your debts...if there is any to settle.

- Invest 10%...consistently.

- And you could live on 70%...conveniently.

Focus on service and not money - great service will copiously unabatedly generate the money beyond even your wildest dreams. Above all, if you really want something you can make it happen. In life, your life is going somewhere whether you choose or not, you will and must find yourself somewhere. Nonetheless,my very best wishes is to see you at the top. You will get there!.


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