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5 Ways to earn daily income from blogging

Updated on June 17, 2013

If you are looking for ways to generate a daily income from blogging this article would briefly explain 5 ways using real life examples. But let me warn, this is not a guarantee, just because it worked well for some people doesn't mean it would work for you but all the same be inspired as you read about these 5 ways to make money daily from blogging:

Place Adsense Adverts on your Blog

Lisa Irby of is one hell of a woman. She has a hustler’s mind and has shown time and again that making money is a struggle that requires putting your wits and will to the ultimate test of making money – patience, long suffering and dedication. She makes more than $300 a day from her blog through adsense and that is not all, she is a successful affiliate marketer making cumulatively more than $20K a month from all her sources of income which include; Adsense, Affiliate marketing, selling her own e-book. But what exactly did Lisa do differently that others aren’t doing? According to her you have to pick a niche and have a genuine interest in solving problems for people in that niche. Write articles about what you want to solve for people and keep at it. The money doesn’t come overnight but remaining consistent is key to succeeding in this business. She sees Adsense and blogging as a real business and commits the same efforts as if it were a real business. Lisa actually started blogging while she had a regular job working the usual 9 to 5 but she had a passion which kept her busy after work while many like her would spend the evenings out with friends, she would be home writing, reading and researching topics for her websites. Today she has quit her job and lives exclusively on passive income from blogging especially adsense.

Promote your Skills/Services with your blog

Here a young Nigerian, 18 year old student makes a decent income monthly (averaging $5000) from promoting his services as a freelance writer. Oni as many of his fans call him is an example of a blogger who makes money promoting his own services. There are many things one could use a blog to achieve and it seems Oni is out to conquer the world of freelance writing. Firstly he says making money should not be your priority, rather making a name in your area of specialization. For Oni he is a specialist in guest blogging and this single attribute has gotten his name spread far and wide on the internet. Today he receives a lot of high paying blogging/freelance writing jobs that he doesn’t need a regular job any more, in any case he is still a student. Oni started blogging in 2009 when he came across an article about making money from blogging. But it wasn’t an easy route to travel, he spent months trying to make money from blogging but to know avail, luckily he had done over 300 guest posts on many websites which offered him a lot of exposure. Without knowing it, he was promoting himself, his writing skills and his blog all over the internet, today people contact him to write for them.

Using your Blog for Affiliate Marketing

Steve Pavlina of is one of the world’s highest earning bloggers and most of his income comes from affiliate marketing. He used to have adsense ads on his blog but voted to remove them. One thing about Steve is his influence on his readers. He is an example of what you will call a well respected and trusted online friend. His writing style is honest, insightful and convincing which makes it easy for him to promote and recommend products for his readers to buy. He is a personal development coach and only promotes personal development products but besides this, he never recommends a product he hasn’t used. Thus his readers are sure that he won’t recommend a bad product, Steve actually has a lot to lose if he recommends a bad product to his readers and so you can be sure that once he makes the recommendation, his over 21’000 readers will have a viable product on their hands to pick up and from every sale made he gets an nice commission; not only his readers buy from him, even random visitors to his blog occasionally pick up some of the products he promotes. His monthly income is over $45’000 just from this one source alone.

Sell Advert Slots on your Blog

Darren Rowse of is one of the world’s leading authorities on blogging. Not only does he make a decent living from blogging but he is a major point of reference for people who want to start making money from blogging or want to succeed either in building a mass of web traffic or increasing the page rank of their websites. Today is listed as one of the 50 most powerful blogs on the internet but that is not what we are hear to know. How does Darren make money from his blog and what is he doing differently? Darren makes money from his blog in at least 7 different ways I know of but paid advertisement is what I will focus on. He charges no less than $5 for job posts which could run for a single day, or days or weeks as the case may be of course the fees charged per post varies so Darren is making money on a per post basis with advertisements on his job board. With no less than 200 job posts per day you don’t need me to tell you how much money Darren makes daily from his blog through adverts alone.

Sell your Own Product on your blog

Would it be fair to use one person twice in this article? I’ll pick Darren again, he has so far sold several thousand copies of his ebooks through his blog, actually Darren has a post on how he made $72’000 in one week from sale of an ebook. Why wouldn’t he do that anyway (I mean sell ebooks on his blog), if there is demand for the information he is offering and has a large enough audience to promote it to? Darren is both the publisher and writer of his ebooks which means extra income coming from those roles. He promotes them on his website, guess what? They sell real well.


Here are the obvious lessons these 5 examples of bloggers making money daily from their blogs have thought with their success stories

1) Specialize

Have you chosen a niche and are you the best or one of the best in that niche? Oni is one of the best guest bloggers in the world, Darren is a blogging authority, Lisa is an expert on teaching newbies how to create websites while Steve is an expert on personal development.

2) Be Consistent

How consistent have you been in your blogging pursuits? All the above listed bloggers have not stopped not even for one day even when they make a lot of money, it’s a passion they can’t do without, that’s why they won’t quit even when results are slow and unimpressive.

3) Build your brand/reputation through your blog

They have all built their reputations from their work and the biggest asset they have is the good name and expertise they can always fall on. If their blogs die today and they have to start afresh their reputation will open doors for them.


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    • profile image

      chris 5 years ago

      great article!!

    • ShaamCA profile image

      ShaamCA 5 years ago from India

      yup blogging can make a good amount of money but it needs lot of Hardwork and determination ..article is useful

    • Paulipopo profile image

      Paulipopo 6 years ago from Abuja, Nigeria


      I think you are right about that, thanks for the comment.


      Yeah I know about John chow although he didn't cross my mind when i wrote this article. Thanks

    • supermom_in_ny profile image

      supermom_in_ny 6 years ago from NY

      You did some great research to put this article together. Voted it up!

      You may want to add John Chow to your list. He earns most of his income selling direct advertising on his blog. He also earns a lot of money writing reviews, sending tweets and selling his own (and other's) products.

      Oh and


    • TheHubKing profile image

      TheHubKing 6 years ago from Philippines

      Hub title should have been "5 Ways to Make Money from Blogging".