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5 Ways to Make Money From Scratch

Updated on July 31, 2013

Have a Garage/Lawn Sale

Deep cleaning provides ample items to sell in a garage/lawn sale. Clearing out clutter, rummaging through storage boxes and the basement, as well as sifting through unwanted clothes are ways to come up with items to sell. Websites such as a local free cycle group can offer additional items for free. Some post locations for curbside items that are free to pick-up; these are generally first come first serve. Sort through the collected sale items and price them accordingly, or hold a “make an offer” sale. Post signs on block corners to attract buyers. Additionally, post the location of the garage/lawn sale on a few phone apps specifically designed for garage sale locators. Top off the garage/lawn sale with a refreshment and baked goods sale next to the cash box.

Write Online

Writing online is another effective way to make money. Many people possess the talent to write, but few dabble in the field as it may seem like a foreign talent for some. Posting blogs for sites that are AdSense based is a slow way to earn extra funds. However, applying to a few bid-free freelance writing jobs and content writing sites is definitely achievable. One must invest a little research time on the chosen topic, and compile an article based on the conducted research and client instructions. Some writing sites that pay are, Writer Access, Article Teller, and Quality Gal.

Sell Items Online

Selling items online can easily make extra money with little effort. Certain websites allow selling personal items online such as electronics, antiques, used books, and collectible items. Depending on the site used, one can make a substantial amount selling to the highest bidder. On the other hand, if homemade crafts are the items to be sold, there are separate websites for those as well. Amazon, EBay, and Etsy are great places to sell items online.

Provide a Neighborhood Service

Providing a neighborhood service is not only providing a community service, but also is self-rewarding. Watching neighborhood children can help working/student parents out tremendously. Extend babysitting for a few hours into the night. This allows the parents to go on a date night, and can earn the sitter a few more dollars. Offering lawn care can alleviate one extra chore off someone’s list. It also aids in the neighborhood beautification. Furthermore, walking dogs frees up the owners time, and is a terrific way to spend time outdoors with a little exercise. These are but a few neighborhood services that can be accomplished for a set fee.

Be the Assistant

Becoming the perfect affordable assistant is easy, especially with time consuming tasks. If there is someone on the block that works from home or is self-employed, offer to run errands for them, and pick up the dry cleaning. Offer to file paperwork, or offer to help with cold calling. Help the elderly couple down the road by grocery shopping for them, and driving to doctor appointments or pharmacies. They would more than be happy for the company.

These are but a few ways someone can make money without investing a dime. A lot of sites and resources used are available in anyone’s home. Who knows, perhaps one of these ideas can turn out to be a lucrative business.


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