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5 Ways to Save Money with Rebates

Updated on February 1, 2013

Saving money by rebates has become popular within the last few years alone. Rebates are available on just about any item, mostly electronic gadgets. Rebates can range anywhere from a few bucks to a couple of hundred dollars. You may have seen products being advertised as “free after rebate.” However, it is best to read the entire description about rebates to make sure it is a good deal. Rebates are great way to save money every once in a while, here are five tips when it comes to rebates.

How rebates work

The way most rebates work is that you buy the item in the store at the stores price, then you either go online or send in the receipt along with the rebate form to the manufacturer. There they will mail you back a rebate, which means the money that they owe you. However, with technology so advance you can do all your rebates at home on the internet. They only take a minute and you usually get your money back within 4-6 weeks. Some companies even now are paying through Paypal.

Reputable Rebates

Just like anything else in this world you have to watch out for scams. I have never seen any as of today, but there are some out there. The most reputable rebates from trust manufacturers include Best Buy, Staples, Dell, and Amazon. Yes, there are others out there, but these are the bigger ones that many consumers use. If you happen to see an item from a manufacturer you are not familiar with it is okay to buy it, but do not count on getting the rebate. However, you can also check them out online to see what other consumers have to say.

Expiration dates

Some of the products depending on how hot they are will stay on the stores shelf for a long time, even after the expiration date for the rebates. With that being said it is best to check the rebate offers very carefully. You do not want to come home to find out the money you thought you were going to save is no longer good.

Know the Forms You Need

All rebates will require some forms that need to be completed. Sometimes you will only need the receipt others you may need more. Always make sure the cashier gives you all of the required forms to have a successful rebate. Also make sure that you keep the documentation in a safe place.

Make Copies

My mother always told to make copies of anything and everything important and this falls in that category. Make copies of the receipts and the UPC bar code. Things get lost sometimes, especially in the mail and having the copy can save you. If the rebate is important to you then you will make those darn copies!


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