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5 Websites Guaranteed to Save You Money Right Now

Updated on July 14, 2014

Do you worry about maintaining your budget? Do you want to save a little cash? Today people who prefer to use special price comparison websites want to find the best deals on services and products. Online resources are popular because of the money and time saving benefits they provide. It is true that everyone likes a bargain, and the best way to be frugal is to search for the most reasonable prices. This process can be a time consuming hassle if buyers are trying to research everything manually. Fortunately, there is a better alternative such as the use of price comparison websites.

PriceGrabber is considered an industry leader in online comparison shopping and is the first comparison shopping website to project sales tax and shipping into it's information and pricing. was founded in 1999 by former CEOs Kamran Pourzanjani and Tamim Mourad.

The company partners with retailers, merchants and world wide sellers to help you choose from a diverse range of products including appliances, electronics, grocery, gourmet, health and beauty products, pets, toys and sporting goods. PriceGrabber's motto is smart shopping anytime, anywhere and now you can download the free PriceGrabber app for: ipad. iphone and Android is a comprehensive comparison website which shops millions of products to find the best one for you at today's lowest price. Better Business Bureau approved, Nextag operates in the USA and international markets including Canada, France, Germany and Japan.

Originally, Nextag started as a website where buyers and sellers could negotiate prices for computers and electronics products. Today you can compare prices in product areas from home and garden, decorations and software to video games and office equipment. Nextag will show you what people from all over the world are shopping for at any given moment. You can log in from your Facebook account or simply search on their website. was created in 2003 by Silva Kumar. is a discovery shopping search engine which targets lifestyle products such as accessories, home and garden, apparel fitness, kids and family, and beauty and health.

TheFind allows you to sign up for sales alerts on products you like as well as personalize your own shopping experience.

If you love your search engines socially responsible periodically runs "Color for a Cause" campaigns to raise money for charities. During each campaign, donates $1 to a selected charity each time a user does a search containing a designated color.


Originally called Froogle, the Google Shopping format was the brainchild of Craig Nevill-Manning who created and launched the shopping comparison program in December of 2002.

Google Shopping users enjoy 360-degree product images, discounts/promotions displayed on products and shortlists. With Google Shopping shortlists, users can easily bookmark, e-mail and do product research and plan purchases with friends and family.

Search results on Google Shopping are built on Product Listing Ads. Shoppers can discover, compare and purchase products directly from a store.

People who utilize price comparison sites don't need to go anywhere else to find a variety of discounts and special promotions. In order to compare prices offered by a number of different providers simply click a mouse. An additional benefit for online consumers is that they can make all of their purchases from home. Online shopping is available around the clock and on a daily basis. However, if you want to compare vendor prices before you go out to a store the comparison shopping websites are an invaluable tool.

CEO Bill Glass created to operate as a portfolio of shopping web sites, with its greatest experience as a price comparison service. With Shopzilla you can compare prices on all your needs plus get merchant ratings and reviews.

Shopzilla itemizes prices including tax and shipping and shows whether a store has an item in stock with quantities, in some cases. You can bookmark or e-mail all product pages. Shopzilla also lets you add items to a shopping list for later review. Shopzilla is most effective at pricing such items as CDs and books. People should read the reviews of other consumers. Reviews are available and you will do best to get more information about different products and services before making a final decision. Shoppers provide valuable tips, insights and details, but these are most useful when unbiased. Online resources can offer a wide range of products and services, so it's entirely possible to find everything you need while browsing. Time really is money.

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