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50 Ways To Save Money & Energy On Your Power Bill

Updated on February 8, 2014
50 ways to save money on your power bill
50 ways to save money on your power bill | Source

With rising power bills and more power usage, many people are finding it difficult when that dreaded envelope appears at the end of the quarter.

These days nearly everything we use needs power - from the computer through to the dishwasher and dryer.

And with the introduction of new bills and taxes, power costs just keep climbing.

Here are some ways you can cut down on your power usage and bill, using simple methods and just a little bit of forethought.

Check with your electricity company for off peak plans, so you can save money by using electricity outside heavy use times.

  1. Air Circulation. Heaters, fridges and other appliances often need a clearance of 5cm from other objects to work best and get a good air flow.
  2. Avoid the Dryer. Or switch to a sensory dryer that turns off automatically when clothes are dry.
  3. Avoid the Dishwasher. Get your hands dirty!
  4. Avoid the Hair Dryer. And straightener. Use a brush and go out in the sun for awhile!
  5. Buy a New Fridge. Newer fridges are usually much more energy efficient than their older counterparts.
  6. Clean Your Air Filters. This cuts down on the work your air conditioner has to do.
  7. Close Doors. Oven doors, fridge doors, microwave doors.
  8. Close Rooms Not In Use. You don't need to waste energy heating or cooling rooms you don't use.
  9. Defrost Your Freezer. It will work more efficiently if it's not full of built up ice.
  10. Don't Align Hot and Cold. Keep hot items (heaters, stoves, sun heated areas) away from cold items (fridges, freezers) so they don't have to work as hard.
  11. Do You Really Need That Appliance? Chances are if you're using an electric egg poacher or can opener, you can just as easily go back to a stove or manual can opener.
  12. Dress For The Weather. Add layers or take them off. Use cool water and ice to cool down, or lots of blankets to warm up.
  13. Dual Flush Toilet. Instead of a single flush which can increase un-needed usage.
  14. Energy Saving Lightbulbs. Not only do they use less power, they also last longer.
  15. Energy Saving Mode. All modern computers have this option, so use it when you're not using your computer.
  16. Fridge Freezer. A dual system saves power.
  17. Gas Appliances. Although you're still paying for gas, the costs are smaller compared to an electrical hot water system or stove.
  18. Go to A Gym. If you find a good one and work out enough, it can work out cheaper than the costs of a treadmill and other home gym equipment.
  19. Install An Energy Use Tracker. Check with your power company - it's a good way to check what appliances cost you the most.
  20. Install Installation. It means your house stays cooler in summer and warmer in winter.
  21. Keep Your Freezer Running at Between -11 and -23c.
  22. Keep Your Fridge Running at Between 2-6c.
  23. Paint In Bright Colours. Rooms with light, bright colours reflect the light, making it easier to light them.
  24. Power Boards. Use them for multiple devices so you can turn them all off at once.
  25. Put A Timer On Your Pool. This reduces how long your pool pump will run for daily. Also invest in a pool blanket.Want to save money AND help the planet? Learn how.
  26. Reduce Shower Time. This cuts down on your water heating bill.
  27. Set the Cooler to 24c.
  28. Set the Heater to 20c.
  29. Shut The House During the Heat. Shut curtains and doors to keep the house cooler then open it at the end of the day.
  30. Solar Panels. A good way to save money on electricity and even get a bit back from your local company.
  31. Stick To Small Pots. The food will heat faster. Keep them on the smaller stove appliances.
  32. Sweep Don't Hose. Your driveway will end up just as clean, it may just take a little longer.
  33. Turn Devices off at the Wall. Electrical switches still provide a small trickle of power that is costing you money.
  34. Turn Off Lights. When you leave a room, turn off the lights and TV unless you'll be back in a minute.
  35. Turn Off Your Beer Fridge In Summer. Do you really need that second fridge going when it's freezing?
  36. Try A Different Company. See if you can change contracts, companies or pay based on an average monthly price.
  37. TV. Use an LCD instead of a plasma.
  38. Use a Fan Instead of an Air Conditioner. Fans cost a tiny percentage of what air conditioners do.
  39. Use a Front Loading Washing Machine. They use up to 60% less in energy and water.
  40. Use a Heated Throw Rug. They work out a lot cheaper than a heater, plus you're not losing warmth to the rest of the room.
  41. Use a Heater With a Thermostat.
  42. Use a Laptop Computer. Once it's charged, unplug it.
  43. Use a Low Wattage Bulb. In utility areas that is - chances are you won't be in the laundry much anyway.
  44. Use Candles. Have a romantic dinner, or your own weekly "earth hour" and just stick to the basics.
  45. Use Cold Water. In your washing machine or where ever else you're able to.
  46. Use Manual Gardening Equipment. Use hand held trimmers and shears instead of electrical plugin appliances.
  47. Use Timers. Put a cheap timer on items you don't really need for certain hours each day but stay on standby.
  48. Use Wood. A wood burning stove can double for cooking and heating.
  49. Wall Connected Phone. Use a phone that runs off the phone line, not that requires electricity as well.
  50. Watch The Tariff. Using energy at off peak times means you pay less.


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