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Easy Fundraising ideas (with no selling required)

Updated on February 17, 2013
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Mandy is a mom of 4 and a longtime volleyball enthusiast and coach. Mandy's other interests include parenting, teaching, and literature.

Fundraising can be easy

I am the coach of a couple Club Volleyball teams. People may not know this but playing club sports (especially club volleyball) can be very expensive. I have had the experience of losing players and turning down national and regional tournament invitations because the parents are unable to pay the hundreds to thousands of dollars required for their daughter's share of travel expenses, tournament expenses, etc. Because of this I spent many hours fundraising and researching fundraisers! Weather you're fundraising for your sports team, or doing a school fundraiser, these no sales ideas are for you!

Donation Based Fundraising

1. Fundraising through a Donation Website - Set up a website online that allows you to take in donations. You can create your own website using paypal, or use a company like to take in money. Fundraising software does most of the wok for you. The fees of this service can vary, but generally it's a percentage of money raised. I have seen the fees range from 3-10%. Through social networking your players can share what they are raising money for and solicit donations. People with a very worthy cause and a large network can raise thousands of dollars in a short period of time.

2. Dontion Jar Fundraisers - Ask local businesses if you can put a donation jar in their stores. Get a big jar, decorate it with a colorful printout explaining what you are raising money for and have them place it near where customers pay. Then customers can drop a dollar or the change from their purchase into the jar. A very easy fundraising idea!

3. Tip Night Fundraiser - Host a "tip" night. Find a local restaurant (pizza places seem to work well) that will allow the members of your team or club to work by serving and busing tables on night that usually isn't busy. Then make sure that the word is spread for everyone to come and support you by eating at that restaurant on that night. You earn money by collecting tips. Have a big "tip" jar and also having customers leave tips on the table. This benefits the restaurant by bringing in a large customer base on a quiet night and your club by collecting easy money.

4. Envelope fundraising - This is an easy one for the cost of envelopes and stamps. Have all of the members get together the addresses of people they know that might be open to supporting your organization. Put a little paper in the envelope explaining what you are raising money for and a number of suggested donation amounts. Inside the envelope you sent, include a self-addressed stamped envelope for them to return their donation.

5. Using a donation wall or plaque for donations - Recently our town wanted to build a new pool, but they needed to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars. The town came up with an idea to make a donation wall where donors were recognised for different levels of contributions. Contributions from 100 - 10,000+ were recognised on the wall with different colored/types of bricks (the 5000-9,999 and the 10,000+ were granite). This raised over 100,000 in a town of just over 1000 people! Our wall is proudly displayed in front of our new pool and families and businesses love to look and find their names on the wall. This is great for BIG permanent projects!

Service Based Fundraising

1. Flamingo Party - This one is great fun! Approach a family and tell them that for a donation members of your group will go put a "flock" of plastic flamingos on the lawn of a person that they choose. On the person who's lawn you put the flamingos you can leave a note something like this. "A flock of flamingos has descended upon your home. These flamingos will be collected at 3:00 Saturday afternoon. Seek your revenge on ____the person who choose them_______ or choose a new victim of flamingo attack at that time for just $30.00" has more information on flamingo fundraisers. They even make "You've been Flocked" signs to put on the yards.

2. Raking lawns for donations - Gather your group together and spend a Saturday offering leaf raking services for a donation.

3. Car wash fundraiser - An oldie but goodie

4. Gift wrapping services - Great for Christmas time.

5. Sell Singing telegrams - Great for a music group

6. Host a teen dance- A great fundraiser is one where you host a teen dance. Get a local DJ to donate their services or work for very little for your worthy cause. Then advertise your fundraiser through posters at local schools and places where kids hang out. Charge admission (say $5.00) and sell soft drinks and snacks. Sell glow sticks for $1.00 each (You can usually get a dozen for a dollar) and you can even sell funny hats or other novelties). Get a few members of your organization to chaperon the dance. This is a fundraiser that is great for any type of youth-based fundraiser like a school fundraiser or a sports team fundraiser.


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