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6 Magic to Make over 10 Dollars Per Day with Google Adsense

Updated on October 27, 2013

My personal experience that changed everyting

First of all before i go into the details of how to make this dream happen, i would like to mention that i did see this improvement on my blog after i performed the magic myself. This is not a make-believe; It is the truth.

I made this happen after making several researches on making the most out of my blog. I did these things on my own. I believe it should work for any blog you have if you follow my guide diligently. I used to make an average of $3.5 per day until i stumbled into an article that taught me how to wrap adsense ads on a blogger blog post.

I followed the advice immediately and saw an instant change in my Adsense performance.I started making up to $6.5 every day. But i became too excited and relentless and then started to think of other ways to even make me make more money per day without violating Google Adsense policies.My thoughts and experiments gradually gave birth to the tips i have listed below. Now i can boldly say i make $10.5 on the average everyday with my blog that gets an average of 6,200 page views everyday. I felt so excited that i decided to share my experience or i call it "magic" with you.

What it means is that i now make around $315 per month as against the $105 i used to make before i tweaked my Adsense type and placements. For me that's good for a start. Now i can focus more on building traffic to my site legitimately ;)

Please do follow and follow the guides below and come back here to make thumb ups or positive comments once you start seeing the instant result.


Sure Fire Things to Do to Improve Your Adsense Performance

1) Make sure not to enable mobile view. This because mobile views don't show adsense ads the way you want them to show. I notice that sometimes it doesn't even show Google ads at all. When it shows, it shows at the top of the mobile look only and that position doesn't encourage clicks. So enable desktop view for all your blogs to encourage clicks from mobile visitors. Just as you get clicks from desktop visitors seeing your well positioned Adsense ads.

To test; enable mobile version of your blog and check out your blog on your mobile phone and see what you have. If like i mentioned you don't have what your want, then switch back to the desktop version and enable it permanently. Most high-end mobile devices like iPhones and Android devices (HTC, Samsung etc) would allow you see the website on them clearly like you are seeing it on your PC or desktop computer. So all the Adsense ads appear and they get clicked.

2) Wrap your Adsense ads inline with your blog post.You need to make it automatic. That is you should configure your template to embed Adsense codes and thus appear every time you make a new post. I am sure you don't want to paste Adsense codes on every post you make on blogger or other blogging platform. It can be very monotonous and really boring.

You can research more on the internet on how to do this on the template of your blog.

Google Adsense Inline/Wrap Ads

Inline Ads
Inline Ads

3) Try as much as possible to use text ads only as your Adsense option. It works magic. Reason: There are lots of advertisements lined up in the large skyscraper Adsense ads. It compiles as much as 9 ads in 1 ad unit. Visitors often look at the ads in the ad unit and there is always at least one advert that interests them and thus they click. Then you make some money. Another thing i noticed is that, the cost per click in text ads are higher than that for image/display ads.This is in my own experience, and i stand to be corrected.

Google advises that you should use the "text and display" ad unit. They claim it allows fluidity and also that it enables image ads to replace in case there is no text ads available to serve at the moment. And those are the only reasons. Well, all said and good by Google, you must study your Adsense performances from time to time and discover what works for you. In my own research and experience, i prefer "text ads only" ad units to any other. It works very well.

4) Make sure you have a large skyscraper by the right hand side of your blog or website. The right hand of sidebar have been confirmed by experts to attract and thus generate clicks from visitors. And i also like i mentioned in rule 3, make sure you choose the text only option for maximum results.

Google Adsense Large Skyscraper

Large Skyscraper (Google Adsense)
Large Skyscraper (Google Adsense)

5) Link units work like wildfire too. Google has been so generous to allow about 6 different advert placements on a single page of a blog/website. And two search boxes. I always make sure i optimize my blogs with all the ad placements allowed. And i have done it in such a way that it doesn't look unprofessional on the blog and at the same time all placements are used up.

I noticed that the link units ad also generate high click value when clicked by visitors. I don't joke with this ad unit at all.

I call them dynamites (Small but mighty!)

Google Adsense Link Units

Link Units (Google Adsense)
Link Units (Google Adsense)

6) Lastly, place ads above website/blog. It's called above fold. Google itself confirmed that this is about the most profitable positions to place an Adsense ad. See proof on list 3 of article.

So take advantage of that. I generate most of my clicks from the ads placed there. It very easy to place your ads in this position. I use blogger and it could be done in a twinkle of an eye.

Google Adsense Above Fold

Above Fold (Google Adsense)
Above Fold (Google Adsense)

As a matter of fact, these discoveries have made me increase my level of commitment to my blog and i post like serious now. This month i already hit close to 200 posts which is my highest so far. Follow my Adsense magic and you will come back to thank me. Don't waste your time on what doesn't work. Don't lose hope you can do it too. Good luck ;)

Hey if you are interested in looking at my work on the sample blog in question, please see link below

Please criticize it and tell me what you think i can do better in terms of the arrangement of the content.


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