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6 Ways to Earn Money by Writing

Updated on March 17, 2016

If you are newbie, then this article is for you. I know you want to earn money by writing, so you have come to this article. There is always money to be made by writing. This is the best and safest way to earn money online. But, this profession requires passion and hard work. You can earn money by writing, but with hard work and continuous learning.

As you may already know, content is the king. So, I’d like to give some detail about what is good content. To attract readers to your blog you need high quality articles. Here are some properties of articles.


What are High Quality Articles?

There is a simple logic that I can’t find mistakes in my own writing. Then how to find mistakes in your own writing? There are four things that you have to consider for a good quality article.

1. Spelling: This is the first step in proof reading. Check that if is there any spelling mistake in your writing. This is very easy when you are typing in MS Word. It suggests spellings and highlights any errors in spellings.

2. Grammar: This is the tough part. But, online tools can easily solve this problem. There are a number of online tools available for proof reading your article. There is one tool I use is ‘’. This is a good online tool I know and I use to check my writing style, spelling and grammar. If you want to thoroughly check your grammar and style then there is one more free tool ‘’

To find another online tools simply search on Google. Type ‘online tools for proof reading’ and you will get information about lots of tools. In today’s era of internet you can do anything online and that is free of cost. If you want to hire some person for proof reading your article, then you have to pay him. But online free tools do your work free of cost.

3. Paragraph: Paragraph is very important part of your writing. Make meaningful paragraphs in your writing. Do not write everything without paragraphs. Paragraphs lead your thoughts step by step. You should start new paragraph when you want to convey new idea or new point.

You can also find useful information about paragraphs like ‘when to paragraph and how to paragraph etc.’ One important thing to remember is your paragraphs must be meaningful.

4. Capitalization: Capitalization is also equally important like paragraphs. The title of your article must be properly capitalized. There is lots of information online about capitalization rules. Search on Google as ‘capitalization rules’

5. Relevant images: This is an added advantage. Adding relevant images makes your article featured. To get free images visit where you can get license free images to add to your articles.

6. Keyword research and Keyword density: Keyword research is very important part of your campaign. You write very informative and valuable article, but do not get visitors then it is of no use. So, first do some keyword research and then get best keyword.

For keyword research Google keyword planner is the best free tool. To access keyword planner you have to sign up on Google AdWords first. Once you create AdWords id then you can’t delete it. Also use Google trends and Google suggest.

Keyword density is the percentage of times a keyword or phrase appears on a web page compared to the total number of words on the page. Many SEO experts consider the optimum keyword density to be 1 to 3 percent. Using a keyword more than that could be considered search spam. –Wikipedia

If your article is considered as search spam then the search engines will omit your article considering it as spam. There is one free online keyword density analyzer too that I use is ‘’ Copy paste your article there and submit. It will show you all the words and its percentage in a few seconds.


I do not have enough knowledge. How can I write articles?

This is the most asked question. One secret thing I can tell you that no one is a born writer. Everyone first learns and then teaches. You can learn your favorite subject online and then do your own research.

I suggest you to write on the subject you are passionate about. Write on the subject that you like and you have enough knowledge about the subject.

If you do not have enough knowledge, then do some research on the internet. Research means do read some good articles about the subject. And one important thing is do not copy paste any articles. Do not steal other people’s work, but educate yourself about that subject and then write your own thoughts.


How to get article writing ideas?

Another big problem, but the solution is very simple. Search on Google as ‘article writing ideas’ and you will get lots of ideas.

If you are expert in any subject, then you can write hundreds of articles on a single subject. Just break down your subject into smaller parts. For example, I am an expert of Ayurveda. I can write articles on ‘Causes of disease, Ayurvedic remedy for acidity, fever, piles, etc.’


How to earn money by writing?

This is the last and most important question. There are six ways to earn money by writing:

Publish your articles on free blogs: There are two free blog hosting services. Google Blogger and WordPress. You can create your own blog on these two platforms free of cost. First create your blog and then write up to twenty to fifty articles and then apply for Google AdSense. To get AdSense id, I’d suggest the more content on your blog. The more articles you publish, the more chances of getting AdSense id.

One limitation of these free blogs is that these blogs are not search engine friendly. It means search engines omit such blogs even if you have published good content. This is not the case with revenue sharing sites that I am going to explain in the next paragraph.

Publish your articles on revenue sharing platforms: This is the best option if you prefer passive income. There are two renowned platforms; hubpages and infobarrel. If you are newbie then hubpages is best for you. Try both the platforms. Both the platforms have their own advantages and limitations. On infobarrel, it is very hard to publish an article, but you don’t need AdSense id. On hubpages, you can easily publish articles, but you need AdSense id.

Split of earning on Infobarrel it is 75-25 and on Hubpages it is 60-40. It means on Infobarrel you get 75% AdSense earning and on hubpages you get 60 ad impressions per 100. I recommend hubpages it has hubpages ad program too. There are also other platforms, just search on Google.

Publish your articles on self-hosted blogs: This is our goal. But, first we have to get our feet wet through free and revenue sharing blogs. Benefit of self-hosted blog is that it is search engine friendly and you can keep all of your earnings. Remember you have to pay domain charges, but don’t worry it is the minor fee. What I recommend is first earn some money on revenue sharing sites and then pay domain charges from that income. Thus, you will be sure; you can earn money by writing.

To create your own website you can learn about it online. Just search as ‘how to create website’. There are also lots of YouTube videos teaching you how to install wordpress.

Freelance writing: You can also earn money by writing for others. Do find such jobs on freelance sites like Elance, iwriter, fiverr, etc. Also visit ‘’ for jobs for writers. But, remember only accept those tasks that you are capable to do. Do not accept that tasks that you can’t complete.

Write guest posts: Guest posts benefits you two ways; one you get money for writing for other bloggers and two you get traffic from that blog. Guest post means you write articles for other renowned blogger and get money and backlinks.

Sale your articles: There are many writers who earn thousands of dollars per month just by selling articles. Once you become experienced, you can sell your articles on many places on the internet.

To sell articles you can check these websites:

Constant content: Only accepts high quality articles and you can set your own price. But, remember keep your prices reasonable. First check other similar articles selling on there and its prices. Thus you will get fair idea about the price of your work.

Fiverr: Yes, you can sell your articles on fiverr too. Everything sells there for $5. If you are good at writing then there will be repeated orders from the single buyers.


How to promote my blog?

You can promote your blog by social media. Share your posts on Facebook and twitter. Register on Reddit and Digg and summit your link there. Use yahoo answers and quora. Thus you can get traffic to your blog. If you want to learn more about this, then search on Google ‘how to promote my blog’

I have suggested you to search on Google, because I can’t include all the details in one article and another purpose is that you learn everything on your own. I have just provided the catch and it’s up to you how to paint a picture.


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