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7 Smart Ways to Shop Wisely and Save Lots of Money

Updated on July 18, 2017

Shopping is something everyone must do weekly or monthly. Our hard earned money should be used wisely. We can all save ourselves and families lots of money if we shop smart and resist those impulses to buy whatever we want.

1. Compare prices on different types of items with other stores, before making purchases. Whether it is electronics, computers, food, clothes cars, household items, appliances, exercise equipment or whatever it is. Compare prices at discount stores, department stores, garage sales, online stores, warehouse clubs, etc.

At times we become too comfortable with just going to one store like Walmart, Target, to buy everything, that we fail to check the prices of other stores, even stores we are not familiar wiith.

Browse through other different stores just to see their prices.

2. Refuse to pay regular price for an item. Keep up to date with weekly sales, specials and clearance items. You can view the store ads online. As you do this, learn to wait for the best possible sale, do not hurry to make purchases.

3. Restrain Yourself from Impulse Spending- in stores, online, television shopping networks can lure you to purchase their product. When you are going shopping, commit yourself to buying what is on your list. Always pay close attention to the things you need, but put the things you want on hold for the moment. Beware of shopping when you are stressed, depressed or lonely, you can be tempted to buy items you do not necessarily need. Do not go to the stores multiple times for the week.

4. Do not always purchase items that on sale that you normally would not purchase, whether it is groceries, electronics, clothes or whatever it is. First, ask yourself, is this within your budget and is this something that you definitely need now or something that you need a new one of.

5. Do not succumb to the temptation to use coupons to buy items you don't regularly buy or need. (unless you are getting it for free with the coupon) This can be coupons for food, eating out, or a speciifc store coupon that may drive you to buy something.

6. One or two weeks of month, declare a week where you don't buy anything else other than groceries, gas and bills during that week.

This should be a week where you do not buy any clothes, no expensive lattes, eat out for lunch and dinner for the week. This can be a bit challenging if you are used to buying things every week, but it can save you lots of money.

7. When going shopping, take a certain amount of cash to cover the cost of items you intend to buy.


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    • Diana Lee profile image

      Diana L Pierce 4 years ago from Potter County, Pa.

      Good hub. I shared this link. Voted up.