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7 Ways Blogging Can Help Freelance Writers to Succeed

Updated on June 4, 2015
Blogging for freelance writing success
Blogging for freelance writing success

Blog Your Way to Financial Success

When I first started my freelance writing career, I didn't know anything about blogging. I didn't even know what blogging was. All I knew was that I enjoyed writing and that I could spend my entire day just writing about and reading about my favorite topics which include personal finance, entrepreneurship and social media marketing. I was writing lots of articles for clients on various online platforms as well as doing online research for others. I really enjoyed what I was doing. Then I discovered blogging and I developed a real love for it. Since I started blogging, my writing career has gone on to new heights. Here are 7 ways that blogging can help freelance writers to succeed.

  1. A Blog is valuable online real estate - Having your own blog is a lot like owning your own home - if it is self-hosted of course. When you own your own home, you can do whatever you like with it. You can paint the walls in the color that you want, you can decorate the interior to your own fancies and you can drill holes in the walls to put up your artwork if you want to. The same concept applies with owning a blog. When you own a blog as a freelance writer, you have somewhere where all your clients, all your friends and all your followers can find you online, if they need to. It's like having your own store where people can come and browse at will. Without your own, self-hosted blog, you have to depend on other networking sites such as Facebook or LinkedIn to 'host' your content and so that people can find you online. If Facebook or any other social media site ever decides to shut down your account, all that content that you have spent your time building could be lost with the click of a button. As long as you pay the annual $18 or so for hosting your blog, you have control over your content. You own it. As a freelance writer, you want the security of owning your content. Also, having a blog will allow you to create portfolios of your writing that would speak volumes about your talents to potential customers. You can also offer your services from your own blog instead of depending solely on online freelance writing platforms which not only have glitches from time to time but they also have the right to close your account for whatever reason. In order to maintain control of your freelance writing career, you should start your own blog.Just like a home, over time you are building equity and the value of your blog increases. The valuable content that you create is a possible goldmine that you could be sitting on! There are people who may be willing to pay you for access to your content and you could capitalize on that by offering paid membership for your premium content.
  2. A Blog Can Help you to become a Thought Leader - As a freelance writer, obviously there are genres of writing or topics that you specialize in. When you become a blogger and you focus on a particular niche or topic, you have the potential of becoming an authority and a thought leader in that area. The more you blog about a subject, the more people will begin to look to you for more information or for advice on that particular topic. When people do research online through Google or other search engines, they are really looking for valuable information. If you have a blog, there is the possibility that people who are searching for something that you blog about, to find your content and to make a connection with you. The next time they want information on that topic, you could become their go-to person; establishing yourself as a thought-leader and as an authority on that topic. Even if you write fiction, having a blog further establishes your expertise as a gifted and talented writer who is serious about your craft. Becoming a thought-leader can catapult your writing career so much that you could find yourself being sought after to gives talks, speeches, guest appearances and other income generating opportunities.
  3. Blogging can help you build a fan base - There are persons who have built enviable fan bases on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter and Instagram. Although there is absolutely nothing wrong with this, you are limited in terms of how much you can say (eg. Twitter limits you to 140 characters per tweet), what you can say and how you can say it. Many social media groups and forums do not allow promotional content (or they limit it). This really limits you in terms of self-expression and doesn't allow you the scope for your fans to really get to know more about you and your services. With your own self-hosted blog, you are free to express yourself how you would like to and to interact with your fans without limitations, free to promote your products and services however you choose to. Blogging is truly (in my opinion) the best form of online social media that you can get. Potential clients can get to know more about you from your blog, send you related messages, make comments, give suggestions, give feedback etc all from your own blog. In business, it has been proven that people buy from people who they like and trust. You can use blogging as a platform to build solid relationships with customers, clients and other fans. A blog gives you a central location from which to build your fan base. And these fans are the people who will become your loyal customers and clients.
  4. A Blog gives you the opportunity to expand your market - When you have a blog, you have a great potential market that the internet makes available to you. Just by searching for something online, people can discover you, your products and services and may eventually become your paying customers. There are markets out there that you have very little chances of reaching without having your own online presence. A blog will give you the exposure that is needed to reach markets all over the world that you wouldn't ordinarily be able to reach. Think about the huge earning potential that a blog presents you with! This fact alone should convince every freelance writer to start a blog for themselves. While you may have a presence on online platforms such as Freelancer or Elance or Fiverr, you are limited to that platform's audience. With your own blog, you are not limited in terms of the scope or reach of your market.
  5. You have the opportunity to earn passive income from your blog - By starting a blog and monetizing it, you have the potential to earn passive income in addition to the income that you earn as a freelance writer. Monetizing your blog can be done several ways such as selling affiliate products, selling your own products, offering paid membership, selling advertising space, earning with Google Adsense etc. These forms of earning only require that you set them up once and market them. For example, if you write novels, you can sell these novels from your blog. Even as you sleep, you could be earning income from your blog over and over again from the products that you created once. Even if you don't have your own products to sell, you can earn commissions when readers on your blog buy affiliate products that you advertise on your blog.
  6. Blogging will help you to improve your writing - When you start a blog, you should be writing blog posts on a regular basis. This alone helps you to improve your writing since you will be writing on a continuous basis. Apart from this, blogging provides a valuable learning experience as you will be reading other blogs, and researching so that you can provide your readers with valuable content. These exercises will increase your knowledge and improve your written communication skills. The better you are at writing, the greater your chances of succeeding as a freelance writer. Blogging provides an excellent training ground for freelance writers.
  7. A Blog will help you attract more clients - Having a blog that has valuable content and that is engaging, will help you to attract more and better clients as a freelance writer. It shows that you are serious about blogging and gives a professional appearance. Clients like to do business with professionals. A blog can help you to set yourself apart from the average freelance writer who is simply 'freelancing' without their own 'location'.

Starting a blog is not as difficult as some would imagine. In fact, you can start a blog in less than one hour. Consider starting your own blog to take your freelance writing career to the next level.

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    • Keesha Metcalfe profile image

      Keesha Metcalfe 2 years ago from The Beautiful Caribbean island of Jamaica

      I agree that blogging is hard work and that the competition is fierce. However, it doesn't necessarily have to take years to make the first cent. It all depends on how fast you build an audience and how good you are at marketing your blog. I didn't take years to earn my first earnings. But I did put in lots of work into it and had many mentors along the way. Blogging is not a get rich quick scheme at all and as you correctly stated, it is hard work. But in the end, it can be very lucrative and viable.

    • tony55 profile image

      femi 2 years ago from Nigeria

      Blogging is hard work especially if you intend monetizing your blog,. The competition is fierce and it would take lots of posts and years to make a cent.

    • Keesha Metcalfe profile image

      Keesha Metcalfe 2 years ago from The Beautiful Caribbean island of Jamaica

      So true Georgescifo. Consistency and persistence will make the difference between success and failure as a blogger.

    • georgescifo profile image

      georgescifo 2 years ago from India

      If done consistently, blogging can become on of the most reliable source of online income for any age group. The only thing that make it happen is consistency and persistence.