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7 Ways You can Make Money on Fiverr

Updated on March 30, 2016

Fiverr is nowadays has become good market place for services and products. Simply register free on it and create gigs of your service or product. I have listed here some tasks that you can do on Fiverr.


Logo designing: If you have some Photoshop skills you can create gigs on Fiverr to sell your logo designing service. It is very simple task once you are skilled enough. The plush point is it takes less than 20 minutes if you are proficient enough.

Now calculate you can complete 15 gigs in five hours of work and you get 60 dollar for these five hours of work. Not bad!

But, what if you don’t know how to design a logo in Photoshop? Don’t worry. There are many YouTube videos teaching you how to design a logo on Photoshop. Learn it from YouTube and then offer your service. Use latest Photoshop version for more features.

Banner Ads: This is the same like logo designing. This is also trending service on Fiverr. Even this task does not take your much of time and pays $4 for each job. You Tube is also available if you don’t know about designing Banner Ads.


Writing articles: Always in demand and it may remain in future. Many webmasters are looking for fresh and cheap content for their blogs. Fiverr is the place where they can get good quality content for $5. Once you get an order and satisfy your buyer and get positive feedback they there will be lots of orders.

Writing articles is a bit of time-consuming task especially for me! But if you are expert in any subject then you can easily write article on that subject. Ask your employer for keywords. Add this keyword two to three times in your articles. Offer your service for 300 to 500 words only.

The best bet is to search on Fiverr similar gigs as you want to offer. Read descriptions of top sellers and what they offer in $5. Thus, you will get a fair idea of what to do.

Proof reading: Great demand! But, remember you must be proficient in English grammar. You must have knowledge of writing style, paragraphing, punctuations etc. Speaking of me, I don’t like to proof read my own articles. If I would afford, I certainly buy a gig for proof reading my article.

Ebooks: I love this gig, because it takes only two to three minutes to complete. Just upload your ebook once you get order.

Don’t know how to create an Ebook! Well, you just have to write 20 to 25 pages. Most ebooks are of 20 to 25 pages. Remember you have to provide value to the buyer. Write ebook on the topic you are knowledgeable about. It must be problem solving ebook.

Data entry: It is an easy task. It includes data entry in Word, Excel and copy pasting. 2 hours data entry for $5 dollar is reasonable price especially when you are in need of money. One limitation of this type of gig is that it is time-consuming and it is also very hard to get an order. Only top rated sellers get order. But why not try? There is nothing wrong in trying.


Sell products: Very good market to sell your own products. If you are manufacturer of some products then you can sell your products on Fiverr.

One last thought it all depends on your creativity. If you can discover some easy gigs then you can earn lot of money on Fiverr. Think about tasks in which you have to only upload files like in the case of ebooks.


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