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7 Ways to Save Money on a Rainy Day

Updated on October 30, 2012

You often hear the saying that you should save your money for a rainy day. But how often do you hear about the options available to you for saving money ON a rainy day? That’s what this article is all about.

Here’s a look at seven ways that you can use a rainy day to save yourself some money.

1. Reduce the cost of your water bill with help from a rain barrel. A rain barrel is something that you use to collect the rainwater that is coming down all around your home. This water can then be used around the house so that you don’t have to use the water coming out of your taps. Use rainwater often enough and you can really reduce the cost of your water bill. Some of the things that rainwater is great for are watering indoor plants and mopping up around the home. There’s a small initial investment involved in purchasing a rain barrel, of course. However, they are a surprisingly affordable item that will pay for itself rather quickly. And if you happen to be of the DIY mindset then you can even make your own rain barrel at a really affordable price.

2. Wash your clothes with rainwater. This is something that you can do at any time if you do decide to install a rain barrel in the home. However, you can also do it without a rain barrel simply by heading outside with your dirty laundry when you see that it’s raining out. It does take a little bit of time and elbow grease to wash your clothing by hand in the rain but the result is a really lovely smelling set of clothes that you didn’t have to run through the washing machine. The washing machine is one of the most expensive appliances you operate in your home so you can save a nice chunk of change if you use rainwater in place of it now and then.

3. Add a rain monitor to your home garden. This is a really simple and affordable tool that you can use in your home garden to reduce your costs if you use an automatic sprinkler system in your garden. The sprinkler system clearly doesn’t need to be on during times when it is rainy. The rain monitor notes the rainfall and automatically shuts the sprinkler system off when it isn’t needed. The result is that you water your garden for free using the rain instead of paying to water it with your own sprinkler system.

4. Improve the landscaping of your yard and garden to take advantage of the rain. Like the rain monitor, this provides you with an option for reducing the cost of watering your garden by using rainwater instead of the home’s water. It takes some effort because it requires that you learn a little bit about xeriscaping in order to design the yard in such a way that it maximizes the use of rainwater. Some people opt to hire a professional to assist them in creating this design. Again, there will be a small cost to do this initially but it can save you a large amount of money over time. Every time that there’s a rainy day, your garden will thrive at no additional cost to you!

5. Make all rainy days a frugal/ budgeting day. One great trick that you can implement to make rainy days work for you is to commit to using rainy days to do your budgeting and make some frugal living plans. Most people already spend rainy days inside because they don’t want to go out in the rain. Instead of popping in a movie on a rainy day, utilize that time to get serious about personal finance. You can review your household budget, clip coupons to save money on your next trip to the grocery store or review your tax deductions. If you spend every single rainy day of the year on a task that helps to reduce your spending then you’re going to save a lot of money over time. Of course, this may be a lot to ask of yourself if you live in a place where it rains very frequently. In that case, you should brainstorm a list of small money-saving actions that you can take on a rainy day and commit to taking one action on each rainy day. Even five minutes of effort towards saving money is a good step towards a frugal life.

6. Get outside and wash your car in the rain. If you don’t mind going out in the rain then consider this a great time to wash your car. All that you need to do is make sure that the car is parked outside in the storm. Then, keep an eye on the weather. When it looks like the rain is starting to let up, get out there with your wash rag and some soap. Wipe down the car and let the last of the rain wash away the soap. This will provide you with a nice, clean vehicle that doesn’t have the nasty rainwater spots that you’d get if you failed to do that final soapy washing at the end of the process.

7. Get your children outside in the rain with a bar of soap. That’s right, you can actually let your kids take their shower in the rain. Of course, you want to make sure that the situation is safe so you would only do this if it was lightly raining and not if there was a big thunderstorm with lightning flashing around. It’s probably not something you would even do very often but it provides some free fun entertainment for the kids and saves you a little bit of money on the cost of their usual bathing routine inside the house.


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  • profile image

    nikki 7 years ago

    take a shower in the rain??? Ewwww! thats gross!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hello, hello, profile image

    Hello, hello, 7 years ago from London, UK

    Very good ideas but raining(monsoon) days sre here and I have a job to make ends meet.

  • profile image

    CollB 7 years ago

    Extremely good use of rain water! Never thought of washing clothes in the rain before! The barrel for collecting rain water sounds good.

  • fucsia profile image

    fucsia 7 years ago

    Thanks for your advice, someone seems funny!

    ( and this is a very original idea!)

  • kathryn1000 profile image

    kathryn1000 7 years ago from London

    I don't see myself washing clothes in the rain here when it's 33f.One might try washing them in the bath whilst you are in there yourself.Or simply wash them less frequently.No clean shirt every day.Wear it longer.Esp good if it is patterned