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7 things to know before buying any product on this black friday

Updated on August 17, 2016

Online shopping is trend now a days, because people are so lazy to go to store and buy something.people just want everything on the table.

yeah, online shopping is the better option but this have some disadvantages also.

Now a day many scammer websites are there who store your credit card information and you are not well aware about what are these website. so here have some tip to prevent fraud from these websites.

On Friday there is big sale is going to happen, almost every big store will give black friday discount. So here is some thing to know before buying any product.To prevent scam do consider these tips

Use Trusted Website to buy :

Start with a trusted website because on black Friday many website are publising article related to deals and discount most of them are fake they just land you on merchant site so its better to find a good site before searching anything on google.

Look for SSL certified website

before putting you credit information just check that is the site is SSL certified or not.Never ever, ever purchase something online using your credit card from a website that does not have SSL (secure sockets layer) cryptography installed—at the very least. you'll|you may} know if the site has SSL as a result of the url for the site will begin with HTTPS:// (instead of simply HTTP://). an icon of a locked padlock can seem, usually in the status bar at the bottom of your web browser, or right next to the url within the address bar.

here check full explanation video about SSL certificate

Don't Fill Every information

don't think that while buying any product they need your birthdate. so provide online those information that are online concern with them. not all you personal and social information. becuase later you will starting calls and texts from diffrent organisation and that will irrititate you.

Be aware from the scam

Believe it or not, there are a lots of websites on web that steal your credit card details. Even if it looks like a secure site(SSL Certified), there are cases where people have entered in their credit card details only to receive a rather absurd credit card bill at the end of the month. Furthermore, banks charge a currency conversion fee, which means that online transaction just got a little more expensive.thats why in first point we said that use trusted website.

Check Discount coupons before Buying

Just before checkout, check is there is any discount available on the product or website. because merchant site won't tell you about that. you need to search from google. and then apply on website. like on black friday search coupons for your product name for example : Apple ipad air 2 black friday Discount , Search this query you will get all the store and website those are providing the discount on this product.

Product Warently

Of course online stores provide you with a guaranty, but to claim on that warranty can turn into a nightmare. Unless somebody has had this weary method, there aren't many who are aware of the struggles you may ought to claim on a default product.

For example, if you purchase a product that's a certain size and the online company send you a very different size product, then you would naturally contact them to let them know. Of course, most online stores can exchange the product; but you need to send the product back to them before they will issue you AN exchange. this will not only cost you cash for shipping it back, however it'll also waste a lot of your time. it's also very frustrating knowing that the matter wasn't yours but theirs, and nonetheless 'you' have to deal with the matter.

Never use Free Public Wifi Service while Purchasing

when you use public wifi and fill you credit information it may be recorded by wifi so don;t use public wifi while buying any product online. and moreover use a better antivirus more security.

So these are all tip to consider before buying any product online on this Black Friday. or you can also visit your nearest store to get buy product because on black friday you will also get offline sale discount.If like my article then please share it on facebook , twitter and google plus. thanks have a nice day.


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