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7 tips to increase your money savings

Updated on December 18, 2010

Money will continue to cling to the hands of any person who keeps it. However, money does not come easily to those whose hands are empty of it.

Money savings are the act of keeping money. Those who save money employ many ways to do it. In addition they use many methods o increase the money they have kept .Money savings by people are not easy. People who practice money savings discipline themselves.

To increase money savings you must put in a lot of effort. The steps that may help you increase your money savings include:

Make a budget

The first thing you will do if you want to increase your money savings is to make a budget. An accurate budget will help you identify your necessary expenses and learn how much you will set aside for saving.

Making of a budget will also help you select the necessary expenses. It helps you cross out the needs that are less important. The purpose of budget is to help the money you have saved to increase. It is also to enable you to realize your most cherished desires by defending them from your casual wishes. Budget helps to control your expenditures for definite and gratifying purposes. These simple steps will help you set your budget.

  Income: Your income is the first thing that will help you when you want to make a budget. The amount of money you earn helps you to figure out what to keep for savings and what to use for your upkeep.

Expenses: Your expenses tell you what you are going to spend. Figure out what you spend in a mouth, the best way to figure out your expenses is to calculate monthly average for each of your expenses.

Keep records: Keep records of your income, expenses and savings once a year. It is wise to keep records of your income, expenses and savings once a year so as to know how much you have saved, your total income and your expenses per year.

Control your expenditures

One of the easiest ways to increase money savings is to control your expenditures. To control your expenditures, you do not gratify every desire. Though your desires are many, you only gratify few. Study your accustomed habits of living and reduce those habits that are not accepted. Eliminate unnecessary expenses and do not make purchases that can lead you into debt .When you want to shop, make a list and avoid buying by impulse. 

Save some fractions of your money.

In order to increase your money savings, you should set apart some fractions of your money. Any money you save is a slave to work for you. When you save, you pay yourself. The best way to figure out how much you want to save is to set specific monetary goals. If there is a specific thing you are saving up for, start by calculating how much you want to save in order to pay for it.

Invest your saved money:

  Investment is the key to increase your money savings. You must invest your saved money for it to increase. Through investment you get earnings that will help you build your future. If you want to invest your saved money, consider low-risk investment options, such as Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA), 401 (KS), Certificate of Deposit (CDS) and Annuities. These ways will often help you use money you do have to save even more money.


Guard your income.

 We must first secure small amount and learn to protect them before we may have a larger one. To increase your money savings, make sure that whatever investment you may engage in that your capital is secured. Do not gamble with your capital. Study the investment opportunities before investing no matter the profit potential. Do not be carried away by selfish desire to make wealth rapidly. In fact you should avoid get rich quick investment.

Also, before you invest, be assured that the investment will be profitable. Acquaint yourself with the dangers of any investments you want to make before investing.

Do not be confident in yourself in entrusting your money into any investment expert who knows nothing about the investment opportunities.

Insure a future income

Insuring a future income is a way to increase your money savings. Provide in advance for the needs of your growing age and the protection of your family.

Look for opportunities to get residual income. Get more financial stability by putting your money for future use.

Desire to earn more money

 Desiring   to earn more money will help increase your money savings. You must have a strong desire to earn money in a proper and commendable way. Increase your ability to earn more money by putting more interest in your work, more concentration on your task and more persistent in your effort. Learn better ways to do your business. Also, add more value to your life through studying and improvement. All these will help keep you up and increase your money savings.  

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