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8 Barriers You have to Cross to Earn Money Online

Updated on December 15, 2015

I have seen many people who try to earn money online, but they fail every time. My friends always ask me “Is earning money online possible?” The answer is yes. But what causes to failure?

I have deeply researched on this topic and found out the root causes of failure to earn money online.


1. Lack of confidence: Lack of confidence is the root cause of failure in any task. Confidence plays a vital role in progress. If you are not confident on whatever you are doing, then you will not be much interested in doing that job.

Be confident on whatever you do or you will lose patience. I have seen many people with good confidence and doing their work better than others. They are not more intelligent than us, but the only difference is confidence.


Lack of action: Many people search on Google ‘how to earn money online?’ They get right information too. But, they don’t do anything to earn money online. Even a very intelligent person can’t progress if he does not take any action.

There are many simple ways to earn money online, but you can’t earn a single penny without taking proper action. We can’t win the game just by thinking but we have to work hard to win.


Lack of Interest: People do work on two basis; one, they are interested in whatever they do and two they have to do the work for subsistence. There is a huge difference in these two mentalities. If you do what you like then there is much chance that you will get expertise in that work soon. And if you do the work which you do not like, then you can’t become expert in that work.

I mean, do what you like or like what you do. This is the only key to success. Think, you don’t like to write articles, but you have to do that for subsistence. Now you have written some fifty articles and you have gained expertise in your chosen niche. This way, you will like this work slowly.


Lack of patience: Patience plays a great role in getting successful. Why it takes time to earn money online? Because you don’t need to invest even a single penny and there is a huge profit potential, then only you have to invest is time. If you are newbie then you have to gather information about the different ways of earning money online and then try all of them and then decide which is better for you.


Lack of skills: Lack of skill sometimes prevents us from earning money online. For example, if you possess the knowledge of computer programming like java, php etc., then you can easily earn money online on freelancing sites. But, what if you don’t have any special skills? Ok don’t worry; you can earn a lot of money online.

There are many things you can do to earn money online. You can start your own blog and start blogging on the subject you are more passionate about. You can also do many things on freelancing sites.


Lack of information: I know many people having good computer skills and still doing nothing, because they do not have required information on how to earn money online. There are a lot of ways of earning money online.

What to do to find different ways of earning money online? Simply, search on Google ‘how to earn money online’ and you will get lots of sites informing you of different ways of earning money online.

No or Limited Knowledge of SEO: This factor is important for those who want to earn money from blogging. When you think of making money from writing, you must have enough knowledge of SEO technics. Once you have started your blog, then you have to promote your blog through social Medias.

It is not difficult to learn SEO technics. Search on Google ‘how to promote a blog’ you will get loads of information on how to promote your blog.


Laziness: May be you do not know this is the major factor responsible for failure. Nothing can make you fail, but laziness. Think I have a good plan to earn money online in my head. But, I leave it for tomorrow. I will do that tomorrow. Tomorrow will never come. The best way to success is do right work at right time. Intelligence without action is of no use.


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