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8 Ways To Save on Your Electric Bill

Updated on January 21, 2014

Save Some Green on Electricity


#1 Change the Way You Pay your Electric Bill

Most electric companies are now offering a number of options when it comes to payment. Most companies will offer an average monthly cost which can help you budget, but getting the best rate really depends on when you plan on using energy the most. I know that most companies offer different pricing for different times of year and times of day, these are known as off-peak and peak hours. You can save over 30% on your electric bill if you abstain from running high electrical intensity electronics such as washing machines and dishwashers during these hours. Peak hours are usually in the evening from 4-8 or there-abouts, when most of the population is cranking up the electrical use. Change your schedule and save some change!



Do You Know if Your Electronics are Energy Star Certified?

Does energy consumption affect your buying decisions?

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#2 Buy energy efficient devices and power strips

Think about all your electronics and try and upgrade to newer, better more efficient devices when you can. Unplug everything when your not using it, especially devices that you only use weekly or less often. You can upgrade your power strips so that your devices will not pull power whenever they are plugged in, but also turning off your current power strips when you are not using your electronics will cut down on the total price of your bill.

#4 Plant more Shade Plants!

Not only do plants look great and provide a lot of curb appeal for your home, they can also be used as sun-shades for your windows and roof. In the summer this can make a huge difference in how hard your air-conditioning unit will have to work in order to adequately cool your home.

#3 Switch your Bulbs

It goes without saying to most that incandescent lights are no match for CFL (compact florescent). Not only will they last much longer in the socket and save you time and money from replacement costs, they use less electricity by a long shot and will be brighter. LED bulbs are also becoming more popular, and put out a lot of light while using a very small amount of power while putting out almost zero heat, they are the future of lights!

Electricity = Cash Money

Everyone could use some extra cash, and utilities are something that everyone pays for monthly. Just by changing a few things about your home and getting into correct electricity saving habits, you may be able to save your family 50-100$ a month! This can add up to 600-1200$ more in a years time which is very significant to most family households. Read on for 7 simple ways to save on your electric bill. These tips where provided by High Powered Electric - an electrician based in Northridge CA which provides licensed and insured commercial and residential electrical work throughout Northwest Los Angeles.

LED vs. Fluorescent


How to save power while using a PC

#5 Optimize your PC for energy consumption

Your PC or Mac will have settings that can save energy whenever you are not using the device. You can set the sleep or hybrid modes to make the computer go into hibernation whenever you step away from your seat for an extended period of time, every little bit helps!

#6 Avoid using the clothes dryer

I know this can be kind of a hassle, but the clothes dryer is one of the most energy zapping devices in your household, and the alternative of a laundry line will keep your clothes looking newer for longer, which can save you money on clothes too!

#7 Set Your Thermostat Like a Pro

If you don't have a programmable thermostat, get one when you get the chance. It will help you save on the cycle of heating or cooling your home. Never just turn off the thermostat as it can be extremely more expensive to raise the temp of your house 10 degrees when you get home. If you like your home to stay around 68 degrees when you are home, set your thermostat to turn to 68 an hour or so before you come home, and set it to about 62 while you are away.

#8 Cover Up the Cracks!

Any place in your home where heat or cold air can escape is a place you need to plug with caulk. Windows and doors are the most likely culprits, and using door stops and caulk will help immensely to keep the right temp of air in your space.

Its smart to be electric savvy!

While all these tips are designed to save you money by saving electricity, you will also be doing the environment a favor by being more energy conscious. Got a great method for saving some watts? Please leave a comment below and share, we would love to hear them. Thanks for reading.


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