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6 Things You Can Rent Today to Make Money

Updated on October 15, 2019

Renting= Passive income

I'll be sharing a list of 6 things you can rent that you probably own to make some passive cash. Renting your items brings in passive cash since other than posting it online you really have to do no other work to make the money. Some of these you might have heard of others might be a bit surprising. Nonetheless, these are all things people rent so you can rent them out for a bit of cash. I also tell you different scenarios that you can rent for, it'll help you to maybe target your perfect customer.


This one is great since nearly everyone owns a car. There are a few ways you can make money with renting your car. A lot of people rent their cars out when they go on holiday for a week, a month or longer. It’s a great way to make money when you are away and don’t need to be using your car.

Another way you could make some money through this is if you buy a second car and rent it. Depending on the cost of the car and how much you rent it for in the long run you could end up making more money from the car than you initially bought it for.

Also, in the summer when the weather is exceptionally great and if everything you need such as your job and grocery store are within walking distance then why not consider renting your car for those few months since you can walk to places you need to be if they are close. Also, public transport such as buses can workout to be cheaper than fuel for a car every week so you can consider renting the car and using public transport. You might be able to rent your car for a great price that it could cover your public transport cost and leave you with some extra. Have a search around and see if it could work out cheaper and make money for you. Somewhere you could rent your car today is


If you have the luxury of a garage then why not consider renting it. If you own a car and are renting that then you can rent you garage at the same time as you won’t be using it for example if you are on holiday then rent your garage and car.

Moreover, if you have room for more than one car in your garage then you can rent it out so you’ll be getting paid for the extra space rather than it getting wasted. You don’t have to rent your garage space just for a car you could even rent a small portion of it for storage. People might need to keep some of their stuff someplace before they can move it where they need to. You could rent your garage for that purpose.


If you have a camera, it doesn’t have to be the most expensive, then you can rent it out to photographers, student photographers or to anyone that just wants to take some professional good quality photos that a phone camera really does not provide. There are many people who are looking to maybe rent camera’s for one time thus it can work out cheaper for them to rent one than to outright buy one. They may need it for say prom pictures, party pictures, a photoshoot, there are so many different scenarios that people might need to rent a camera for.

Your internet

Renting out your internet is another way you can make money. You could maybe offer to share your internet with your neighbours for a fee. This way they can get internet maybe a little cheaper depending on how much you ask or it could help pay towards the bill whatever works for you. But it is something you could consider renting. There is this helpful article on The Penny Hoarder if you want to check it out: How to Earn Extra Money by Renting Out your Home Wi-Fi

A room in your home

We all know about Airbnb and other sites like it. You could list your room on any similar site and have it rented out. It could be for short term if you need quick money or it could end up being long term if you become really good friends. Nonetheless, renting out a spare room in your house is a great way to make some quick cash as people always need a place to stay. This person is making thousand of pounds just by renting a room in their home read the full story over here:

Your closet

This one came as a bit of a surprise to me but it’s an awesome idea. So many people rent their closet and you can to. People always need an outfit for a fancy occasion: prom, wedding, party etc. So if you have some really high quality maybe even designer pieces then you can rent them out to people for a charge. It’s not just clothes that people might be after it can also be accessories. I don’t own a lot of shoes certainly not high heels so I’d definitely consider renting if I ever needed to wear a pair of one. A place you can rent you wardrobe at is at Rent My Wardrobe. This is great for renting clothes out and for renting clothes yourself. Check it out if you're interested.

Comments: There it is my life of 8 things you can rent for some quick money. Do you have any ideas to add? Share them in the comments below.

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