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9 Best Sites To Make Money Writing Online

Updated on May 22, 2013
9 Best Sites To Make Money Writing Online
9 Best Sites To Make Money Writing Online

Earn Extra Income by Writing Online

Now, more than ever it is difficult to find a single job that can support the whole family. In today’s unemployment rate and minimal job opportunities, the best option is to get an extra job which supplements your regular job. Some have made the internet one of their income sources but for other people, the web has become their full-time career. One reason for the career switch is the possibility to earn more online than that from your regular day job. Yes, it is the suitable and promising job for the right people.

There are different ways to earn money online but the easiest is through writing. There are numerous online websites which offer freelance writing work for writers who are looking for extra job and who are qualified. But be also aware that not all websites are legitimate and will pay you real money. If you are cautious in the real world, you need to be extra careful on what and who to deal with on the online world.

Below are some options for you to earn money writing online. These sites offer legitimate writing works and can make you earn extra income:

Earn money writing online sites.

1. Associated Content or Yahoo! Voices – It is an online publishing site that is under Yahoo! The site has an online community where the writers share their comments, opinions, expertise and connection. They will pay you for your article which is at least 400 words. They pay via PayPal and they pay upfront for some articles. It is easy to sign up as long as you’re over 18 years old.

2. oDesk / Elance – It is a worldwide freelancers’ marketplace wherein contractors are being hired to do their preferred work. There are various skills/works like creative writing, technical writing, multimedia arts, web designing, and so forth. You have to bid for the work and the client will choose which contractor to hire. The higher your feedback score, the easier to close a job.

3. Helium – It is very easy to sign up and start writing for Helium. Their payment is based on the views of your articles. They have several assignments to choose from; they set the deadline and once you submitted an article, the publishers can use your article but they will credit you for it.

4. Demand studios–They demand no membership/sign-up fee. You’ll have to go through the application process which takes a few days for approval. They pay twice a week for your articles and flexibility of your job is high. They also use AP writing style so you can learn to write academically.

5. Textbroker – If you want your articles to be published without your credit, you can sign up to textbroker and write as a ghostwriter. They allow you to take one article per day and their minimum payment per article is $10.

6. Break studios – They pay you as much as $8 per article you write. There are countless assignments to choose from. You have to send them your resume and sample work for the sign-up process. They publish your articles with your name and pay you well.

7. Constant Content – They will let you set the price for your own articles. Once your article is accepted, it will now be stocked on an online catalogue until someone buys it. That way you can earn funds from the sales.

8. Hubpages – Yes this site can be a potential. You have to own an adsense account in order to earn through the ads displayed on your article. You can also sign up for ebay and amazon affiliate programs to earn commission from the purchased products through your links.

9. Squidoo – Squidoo has been a reputable earning writing site for years now. If you are good at personal product reviews, you can really earn through your amazon and ebay affiliate links.

You can try them all or choose any that would best satisfy you as a writer and an online money maker. Soon, you would be glad you started writing online after you've seen you’re first decent online income.

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    • Dan Barfield profile image

      Dan Barfield 4 years ago from Gloucestershire, England, UK

      Great article - there were a couple of sites I hadn't heard of here which is more and more unusual - thanks for sharing!