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A Different Way How to Make Money on eBay

Updated on January 3, 2011

Buy From eBay and Resell

Most people try to make money through eBay by selling items. The problem though is where to get items to sell?. If you have money and can buy in bulk,  that may be a solution but the profit margin is pretty slim. Of course, the profit margin increases when you come across an item such as an antique or  rare book at a garage sale or around the house, but that’s not exactly a steady supply chain for reselling on eBay

I used to make money selling books on eBay years ago but the competition on eBay now makes it tough to make a buck, bad news for the seller, great news for the buyer. Competition drives prices down. Instead of buying on eBay why not buy to make money?

Instead of selling items on eBay its possible to buy on eBay and resell the bought items in a few different ways. I will discuss the ways to resell items that will give you a couple bucks of profit to  25% or 50%  or more than the price you paid.

 I have bought an item such as a knife on eBay  from a bulk wholesaler and friends see the item, I tell them how much I paid and they can't believe the price and want one also. They tell their friends and depending on the item, I can mark it up two or three bucks and have sold 10 or 20  items this way and make about $30  or $50 bucks. It helps if the knife or item is unique, in this example these knives had “Marines” or “Army” stamped on them with an emblem.

Another way to resell eBay items is through consignment shops or make a garage sale of items you have bought from eBay Sometime checkout the expired auctions and see the quality items that went unsold for a buck or two.

Now if I had a business such as an antique shop I could make a killing buying things from eBay and reselling them in my antique shop. Items such as antiques sell so much cheaper on eBay then in mortar housed businesses. An added bonus is the fact that items can be bought all over the world and resold in any small shop in any small town.

There are many more creative ideas on how to resell eBay items. Use eBay as your supplier instead of the other way around.


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