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A Guide to Internet Freelancing

Updated on June 14, 2016

Freelancing- The Basics

You may ask, how can I make money freelancing on the internet? There are many ways one can profit from the skills they have learned through Internet Marketing. WA has taught us how to effectively market a niche while learning dozens of new skills along the way. Using these skills is a good way to profit on the side.

There are many ways to profit from freelancing including, but not limited to:

1. Website Checking

2. Website diagnostics

3. Ghostwriting

& More...

Understanding Your Capabilities

One must know their own skills and be able to market themselves, like they would a product. This is why Affiliate Marketers can make the best freelancers. There are no shortages of individual willing to undertake these projects. That is why it is important to be able to effectively bring your skills to the employer's attention. When seeking employment it is always a good idea to remain honest with your capabilities. Your reputation could take a major hit by submitting shoddy work.

Tools of The Trade

There are many tools available to bring employer's and potential employees together. I have found that the best tool is Freelancer. It is a site dedicated to short term work, local jobs, and contests with prizes. First you create a profile, then you enter in your skills and FL does all the work for you. The site will optimize the jobs you see on your feed to match the skills you indicated on your profile. This way you will never see jobs that you cannot complete.


Freelancer requires you to bid on a project, which an employer can accept or decline. This promotes a sense of competition and personally gave me the drive to explore my skills a little more. It also allows you to set your bid on a project, as long as it is within the employer's preset budget. Freelancer takes a small fee from each accepted project which can be debited directly from your Paypal or a valid debit/credit card. Typically, an employer will requests a project be completed within a certain time frame. However, you can request a milestone for each project. This allows you to be paid an agreed-upon amount once you have reached a pre-designated goal. The employer can choose to accept such milestone or not, in my experience most accept it.


Once you have established yourself on the site you can be a featured member which will result in more work being offered. Many projects are created solely for one individual to complete them. This is utilized when a potential employer sees your feature and requests you personally. The great thing about this is that no one else can bid on the project. In my experience, Fl users with a high completion rate garner the most amount of personalized projects. Trust me, once you complete a few projects your name will become your livelihood. It is entirely possible to make a steady stream of income by simply completing tasks you learned here at WA. The key to success is staying active and never underestimating yourself. So get out there and start earning!



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      Spottask - Work Or Hire Freelancers 15 months ago from India

      Agreed !

      Well researched article, why not try out freelancing & start earning from today only on