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A Million Dollars For Free

Updated on June 29, 2011

A Million Dollars For Free

I am a millionaire many times over and I obtained all this money for no effort at all. My millions of dollars are there just for being me. What is more my millions increase daily. There is untold wealth there just for the taking. I should feel really wonderful about it but I don't because I need to put up some money in order to retrieve my riches. Sadly this is impossible because I have next to no money at all.

Only today I was offered by a Mrs Joy Benard a 50% share of 15 Million US Dollars for the short term use of my bank account.

Mr Quudus Bakkar a bank manager from Burkino Faso was kind enough to suggest that 40% of 11.6 Million Dollars may appeal to me for the same service.

Photo by
Photo by

Sankara Ahmed from the same country thought that 45% of 19.3 Million may appeal to me.

And the list goes on. On the 19th January 2011 I have on offer:

  • 40% of 11.3 Million from David Zuma
  • 40% of 5.5 Million from Ciakaru Umadeh
  • 40% of 15.5 Million from Dr Komi Zongo
  • 40% of 3.8 Million from Mr Jubril Hassan
  • 40% of 22.3 Million from from Mr Bashiru Hindru

plus a total of another 363.9 million on offer from another couple of dozen very kind people. It was a similar story yesterday and it will be the same tomorrow. I am truly blessed. I am raking it in figuratively speaking. I suppose I could be as rich as Bill Gates by the time 2011 closes, especially if I invest wisely.

Photo By:
Photo By:

All I can really say is thank heavens for spam filters. I really wonder that anyone gets taken in by these scams and yet they must do or otherwise they would not continue the way they do. If everyone used a little common sense in all they do the world would be a better place.

A million dollars? I would not want it. As long as I can eat and live in a modicum of comfort it is enough.

Common Sense


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  • Don Dale profile image

    Donald Dale 2 years ago from Winnemucca nevada

    I doubt that i was just saying though

  • Peter Dickinson profile image

    Peter Dickinson 2 years ago from South East Asia

    You really need to read the article Don Dale...I probably am poorer than you.

  • Don Dale profile image

    Donald Dale 2 years ago from Winnemucca nevada

    I could use just one million dollars if your willing to give it to me i would be able to change a lit of peoples lives

  • profile image

    shane viviers 2 years ago

    Dear Mr Peter

    If this is true, and u do have all this money. Way don't u use same off your money for the homeless people. I don't mean that u go and buy them house or staff like that, I mean like same way for them to get there life on truck. Like a job centers, in Australia we have work for the dol. So that people have do something for their dol checks and not seating at home get payed for not doing anything. Plus it give back something for the community.

    Please repli if u read this

    Thank u......


  • profile image

    Bobby ray Cole 5 years ago

    Well Iam an Loc from college Station Ar.if u don't know where that is its on the borderline of hard times.i will be honest I am one of the family's these people's are talking about. Helping. Well let me tell u all that its time to try to help my self. At lest win someone reads this there not getting lied to cuz I tell the truth even when I lie.

  • profile image

    sharlota1978 5 years ago

    i wish that will have even 200,000$that help peoples and back my heartly.i want everybody be happy. sorry. i am georgian women and can not well talk and write english lenguage

  • mgt1023 profile image

    Maria Torres 5 years ago from Homestead, Fl

    i would be happy with someone giving me even 100,000 for free. Anyone up for it? I have a lil group of single moms I would split it up with....

    the ones that I get the most of is all the sick people with "wicked" families... They want you to receive their inheritance and or their monies and invest it over here....LOL

  • Peter Dickinson profile image

    Peter Dickinson 7 years ago from South East Asia

    Thanks David. Not so many from Nigeria these days but they still come. I faced an attempted 'Nigeria Scam' in person in the south of Thailand some four years ago. A bit different to internet fraud I thought. Wishing your daughter luck and good times.

    janiek13 - perhaps we can pool our resources and do some good for the world.

  • janiek13 profile image

    Mary Krenz 7 years ago from Florida's Space Coast

    I received two in my e-mail today! Maybe I'll catch up with you, lol.

  • Russell-D profile image

    Russell-D 7 years ago from Southern Ca.

    I hope the dollars are not those promised by people in Nigeria who ask for a few hundred to Send your money to you. Or, that group in England or Ireland who promise that you definitely, without doubt, will win their special sweepstakes. That money I would gladly give away. Peter, my daughter lands in Bangkok tomorrow on her way to Nepal to begin a food aid program with the Nepalese government. She now has programs in Asia, Haiti and Africa; like you, she gets around. Best, David