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How to Make Money Online- 20 Ways to Earn

Updated on July 30, 2012

Earn Money Online in a Million Ways

Yes, there probably are a million ways to make money online, or more, but I probably won't be able to cover them all. I will, however, cover many, many ways to make money online, all of which I am very familiar with and most of which I've used.

Associated Content

If you're an American, you can make money online with Associated Content. They pay money for articles, reports, reviews and essays that they want to offer an up-front payment for. Just write up something that is 400 words or more and submit it to the site. The site decides whether ot not it wants to offer an up-front payment. Just about all of mine have had the offer of a payment up front, but a few have not. 

Whether or not you get an up-front offer, you do get a payment of residual income for the number of people who read your items. Until the item is published, you get to choose what to do with your item. If there is not an up-front offer or you don't like the offer, you can take the item elsewhere and publish it wherever you like. Or, you can publish it with AC and keep earning a residual income payment every month.

Constant Content

If you like writing reports, reviews, articles, etc., Constant Content is another place to sell these items. With this site, you get to choose the price you want for the items and place them up for sale. The site keeps the items stored there along with your description, title, excerpt and a word count, and then handles the sales. The site keeps 35 percent of the sale price and pays you once a month for anything that sold during the month before.

Sell on eBay

You might have already dabbled in eBay selling, or you might have been waiting to find out more about it before you take the online sales plunge.

If you haven't yet tried it, selling on eBay is complicated and there is a learning curve associated with it, sometimes a long one, but it is also a lucrative home business that can earn you pretty much as much money as you want as long as you are willing to put the time into it.

It can be hard to figure out exactly what to sell on eBay and how to keep making a profit reliably, but it definitely is possible to do so. Once you strike the right combination for you, you can look forward to a nice little home business that brings in what you need for extras or to up your own income. I've made tens of thousands over the years on eBay, and most of that has been part time.

Sell on

Selling on is a way of making money from books, DVDs, videos, CDs and video games. All of these media items are very simple to sell on You don't have to list the items so much as just enter the UPC or ISBN number into the site and then let the site fill in the rest of the information. You can set your own price for your items. The site collects the money and then pays you twice a month by direct deposit.  

Sell Items Through Craigslist

Personally, I cant stand Craigslist. There are too many scams, and it can be dangerous meeting strangers that you've met on the Internet. But, if that doesn't bother you, there is money to be made by selling your items locally on the site. It can also be useful as a way to find items to sell on eBay. 

Most Craigslist ads are completely free to submit. For selling physical items locally, all of the ads are free to submit. The site is popular, so you'll get plenty of people seeing your ads. JUst watch out for the weirdos.

Answer Surveys That Pay

Yes, there really are surveys that pay money. But no, they don't pay very much. They are an easy way to make a few bucks, but don't expect to make hundreds a week or to live off your survey earnings. 

There are a few reputable companies out there that do have worthwhile surveys that can let you earn money for your time, but there are far more than don't. There are several companies that put you through lengthy surveys only to tell you at the end of them that you "don't qualify" for the survey, so you don't get paid. If a survey company does that to you- dump them. They will do it again and again, wasting your time and earning you nothing. 

Pinecone Research is a company with a stellar reputation, but they don't hire survey takers very often. Another useful one is called MySurvey. Other than those two, I can't endorse any survey company. Too many of them are time wasters at best and frauds at worst.

Work Online Through ODesk

ODesk is a site that lets you bid for hourly jobs that you can work online for hourly pay. There are some projects that pay one flat rate, but the majority are hourly jobs. When you are hired for an oDesk job, your work is tracked online to make sure that you are doing the work and taking the time allotted. There is a webcam option that some employers use to watch you as you work. As creepy as that sounds, some oDesk workers don't mind it.

When you work through oDesk, you are paid directly by oDesk for each hour that you work. You specify your hourly income, and you are paid by the site for the number of hours you worked. The site does take a commission from each hour worked, but they make it easy to add that amount in to your hourly wage to offset their percentage. 

Write Articles for eHow

If you American, you can write short how-to articles for eHow and receive a monthly percentage of the amount that the article made the month before. The articles can be about anything that you know about or anything you can research. There are few requirements, but the articles should have at least three steps that start with a verb. The steps must be actionable, and the grammar and spelling must be acceptable. 


Blogging won't make you a ton of money unless you have a huge readership and a lot of sponsors. But, a blog doesn't necessarily have to be well written iun prder to make money. I've seen a lot of stupid ones that do very well.

To monetize the blog, use a few different ad companies to bring in a number of revenue streams. If you have a lot of traffic, use using AdSense, Chitika, Kontera and private advertisers can make the blog earn money for you every month. 

You can also many money blogging by offering product reviews in exchange for money and products. You can also do paid posts with companies like Smorty and PayPerPost and earn money for each pst that is sponsored by the companies that pay them for blog advertising. MyBlogSpark is an interesting site that offers free items in exchange for a review. I've gotten stuff from them before.

Make Money Online With Triond

Triond isn't a huge earner, but it's a good place to build links to other sites and to make a little money while doing so. You can write whatever you want through them. They don't have any rules or regulations to speak of. There is no minimum length and the articles/poems/essays are approved in about a day.

You make money with Google AdSense and with a Triond revenue share when you write for Triond. The revenue is small, but it's zero stress and useful for promoting affiliate items or for promoting your own work elsewhere.

Affiliate Program Sales

Affiliate programs are programs that allow anyone to sell items that are for sale on another site and to them make a commission on each of the sales made. If you promote a CD for sale on another site, you use a link that is generated by the site. Then, you place the link somewhere else, like on your own website, on a blog or in an ad that you place elsewhere. 

Anyone who uses the link and then buys that CD, you earn a percentage of the sale price that is paid either by the site itself or by a third party that manages the affiliate network. This is one of the easiest types of residual income, but it can take awhile to see results.

It takes a lot of links and a lot of promotion to start seeing sales coming in. But, when they do, they can be a nice income boost. 

Work for Textbroker

Textbroker is a quick way to make some money every month. The site has hundreds, sometimes thousands, of short copywriting projects, reviews and articles available. Most of them take little time to do, though there are a lot of in-depth ones that require substantial time.

The projects range from 50 words or less to several thousand words. The site pays twice a month.

Make and Sell Your Own Items Through Etsy

Etsy is a fun site that sells only handmade items. The site works like eBay, with individual sellers listing their items for sale through the site. It you are the crafty type, you're artistic of you just like to make stuff, you can make money online by selling the items through the site. There is everything there from folk art to handmade jewelry. If you can make candles, paint ceramic or make anything else, the site is worth looking in to.

Publish a Book Online

There are countless ways to publish your own book online, including simply creating a website where people can purchase it. If you choose that route, you can store the ebook on PayLoadz or E-Junkie and then sell it on your site. The payments for the items go directly to you.

If you want to publish through an online publisher that will pay you for your book, there are dozens on online publishers who take fiction. Romance publishers are the biggest online publishers, but there are some, like Eternal Press, that will take other types of fiction. These publishers pay a royalty for the sale of each book.

You can also place your book for sale on a a third-party site like Lulu. The site is a print on demand book publisher that prints up your book every time someone buys it from the site. You can also make it available as an ebook for download.

Work in a Home Call Center

Call centers are outsourcing their calls to people who take the calls at home. There are several companies that handle outsourcing for major companies who use home telephone call center personnel to handle their customer service, sales and other calls. 

When you work for one of these companies, you generally have to work during the hours the company specifies. It isn't always flexible, but many of the companies pay you by the hour and the work isn't terribly taxing.

Sell Your Photographs Online

If you have a flair for photography, there are several websites that let you submit your photographs and sell therm through the sites. You get a royalty payment for each sale of the photo. Some of these companies offer a dollar or more for each sale of your photos, while others offer a nickel or so for each sale. However, the amount of traffic to the picture, the type of picture and the subject matter all make a difference in how much you can make.

Stock Exchange, Shutterfly and others make it easy to submit the photos and start bringing in some money from sales. People who take a lot of photos and have a talent for photography and for assessing what kind of pictures do well online can do very well selling their photos online.

Design and Sell T-Shirts

CafePress and Zazzle are two sites where you can design t-shirts, mugs, mouse pads, tote bags and other stuff and make a royalty on the sale of each. There is no limit to how many things you can design, and there is no charge for doing so. I've made some Zazzle stuff because it was fun to do so, but so far I haven't sold anything. I do hear about people making some decent sales through the site, though. It has a god reputation and it really is fun to play with.

Use a Freelance Bidding Site

Sites like RentACode and allow people with programming, design and writing skills to apply for projects. There are always thousands of projects available on each. RentACoder pays twice a month and takes 15 percent of the project fee. Elance takes 8.75 percent and pays whenever you request your earnings. 

Become a Virtual Assistant

Companies are outsourcing more and more jobs, and office assistants are one of the positions that are being outsourced. The position may involve office tasks like online faxing, reading and sending emails, taking phone calls, etc, or you may need to research topics online, update contact lists, etc. Some people hire virtual assistants to bookmark their work or to do proofreading or transcription. 

A virtual assistant works from home on an hourly basis. Jobs are available on Elance, oDesk and through the major jobs sites.

Become a Court Researcher

This job does require some work done outside the home, going to courthouses and finding records, but the records are submitted online and you work your own hours. There are several companies that hire home workers to handle county records in their immediate areas. These companies are hiring for different counties at different times, and they don't always tell you which counties they are hiring for. However, the pay for these jobs is anywhere form $7 to $25 an hour, depending on the company you work for and how fast you can do the work.


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