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A Money Sorter to sort your life

Updated on April 5, 2011

Money sorter, as the name suggests is a machine that is used in institutions that deal with a lot of money. This is therefore primarily used in banks, at currency exchange units, business establishments that deal with bulk payments and so on. A money sorter’s basic task is to sort money based on size, denomination or even price ranges. Money sorters come in various types.

You have simple one that sort out coins based on denomination. A step up, these coins are rolled into stacks and then their total tallied. There are also money counters that counter out notes, tally their denominations and more. In short, it makes dealing with lots of money more error-free.

A simple money sorter is a great way to teach children the value of money. As they add to their piggy banks, they can see their total go up. You can give them a choice of having coins rolled in stacks or exchanging them for bigger bills when it hits a certain amount. It’s also a handy device for you, when you are sorting through lots of loose change and need to get a grip over things.

Money sorters of good branding and quality are simple and reliable devices to use. They are not complicated to use and most of the time involve as little as putting coins down and shoot and waiting for the sorter to do its work. Higher grade in money sorter can also help you check whether you have counterfeit notes on your hands and separate them out.

For businesses, time is essentially money. The faster you can sort through wads of notes and stacks of coins, the more efficiently you can control your business. Detection of counterfeit money, which is essential in such business organizations, is done with the incorporation of a UV light or an additional magnetic element.

You can buy a money sorter that comes in a variety of speeds. You can even get machines that can count up to 1000 bills in less than a minute. You get portable versions of the money sorter as well as those that can be hooked up and powered by your lap top. Of course there are also the battery operated models that are also extremely portable.


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