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A Solid Investment, Not Just Advertising

Updated on June 3, 2016

There is no doubt that link building is the path to glory when it comes to an SEO campaign. However there are many small businesses who just do not have the budget to fork out for any kind of extensive SEO.

Most business owners acknowledge the importance of having a website. Many of them are spending a lot of money to have a nice website build. Fantastic! But what then becomes of this website? Certainly not many people are looking at it and even less people are using it to enquire about their products and services.

Now let's turn our attention to a phenomenon known as 'website flipping' whereby savvy operators buy rundown sites, spruce them up and sell them for a profit. The fact that this industry even exists flies in the face of the common notion that having a website built is mainly a means to an end.

In the future it will be useful if most business owners view a website as search engine optimisation from the get go. I mean honestly, what is the point of having a website if no one is going to use it? The day that someone decides to get a website built is the day that their SEO campaign begins. This is the shift in mentality that we are beginning to see. Although it is happening much slower than it should be.

There are still many web developers out there who have a very poor knowledge of SEO. They built websites that look pretty, please their customers, but their performance on Google is shocking. For the poor ignorant customer they are stuck with a lemon but how were they supposed to know any better?

More and more customers are doing their due diligence now, taking a look at what's out there and choosing the best option. The sad part is that many business owners have no idea where to look. There is a huge level of ignorance and a lot of money is currently being wasted.

This general ignorance is spurred on by the huge amounts of misinformation that is on the internet. There is so much to take in that it is bamboozling. No wonder people are getting confused. One person tells you this, and another person tells you another thing, and before you know it an SEO sales consultant with a silver tongue has your credit card details.

The fact is that the truth will prevail. We went through the dot com boom fuelled by ignorance and now we are going through an SEO boom. Eventually it will be clear to people what works and what delivers results.

If you take a look at website marketplaces like you can see that well optimised sites are going for serious prices nowadays. The amount of profit that some websites are returning is really incredible. However of course these websites have worked hard to get there. Getting traffic on to your website is no walk in the park. It takes serious commitment of time, effort as well as patience.

For serious SEO providers the buying and selling of websites can be a great way to make extra money. For many SEO experts it is possible for it to become their main source of income. As an SEO specialist you are required to wear many different hats. Teaming up with a reliable web developer could also be an excellent option. They develop the website and the SEO person adds value to it. This certainly would be a winning formula.

We can now see the amazing benefits that good SEO offers but this now beggers the question - what does good SEO entail? Basically there are two major measurements for SEO: how many backlinks it has and how many keywords it ranks for on the first page of Google. In order to get the keywords ranking you will have to have built up a solid amount of quality backlinks to the website. So to put it simply SEO is mostly about the accumulation of backlinks.

Getting backlinks to websites is getter harder as Google gets stricter. In regards to backlinks it is all about quality over quantity. One of the best way to get quality backlinks is to guest post on websites with high authority. Being a good SEO person is more about being a copywriter than anything else. You have to be creative. It is not even necessarily about being the best writer out there although this would definitely help. It is about being able to make a consistent contribution to other websites. So the best advice that you can give to an SEO person is to get writing.


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