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A Stock Trading Robots Wants To Double Your Money

Updated on April 16, 2009

Yesterday after logging into the site I discovered there were comments left promoting a stock trading robot that wanted to help me make a fortune. Unfortunately the internet is jammed with similar investment schemes and software. I am sure with a quick search you will probably find this type of software on hub pages

Do Not Rely on Testimonials

The claim is always that there is a system to not just beat the market but crush them, some ads claim 100% return in a month. FOREX is also very popular with these types of systems. FOREX trading is more complex and I'm guessing if you fail it will be easy to blame you for not using the software correctly. One of the major problems with the internet is finding testimonials that are true, when doing a search for a testimonial all to often you find bogus comments from those who are trying to sell you the product. If you see a testimonial with a link to a site trying to sell you something you should be very skeptical. Also the reason you do not see more negative testimonials You can expect to see even more of these types of systems with the economic conditions we have right now.

While I have no doubt that there are software programs that can assist you in making good trades and picking stocks that are undervalued everyone should be skeptical of claims that say they can outperform the market by more than 10%.

I also challenge anyone who thinks they have a system to post there picks on my site. They can leave them in the comments section I will not make their trades public knowledge or approve their comments until after the trades are completed. If they can demonstrate the ability to greatly outperform the market I will gladly promote their product commission free. That being said I do not expect any takers on this challenge. Visit MUDAC for political and economic news.

Jim Rogers

Whats Going on in The Market

Thats the big question that everyone is asking. Is this rally the start of something or just a bear market trap ready to suck us all in. The war of words between bears and bulls continues with those in the bear market saying this is just a normal bear market rally. Bulls are starting to gather and claim this rally has legs and the stimulus package is finally working and the economy is getting better. I'm including a poll here cast your vote!!!!!!!!

Stock Market

Have we hit the low on the Dow Jones

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